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Why Use Limestone for Your Home

Why You Should Use Limestone in Your Home

Redoing your home can be an exciting and invigorating process. One of the biggest parts of remodeling is deciding between the endless array of construction materials. Moreover, if you’re giving multiple parts of your home a facelift, you may be currently deciding on materials that need to be cohesive! With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get hung up on your final decision. One of the most common building materials no matter your project is limestone, and it also happens to be one of our favorites! Limestone makes for a great material, both inside and outside your home or building. 

Limestone Comes in a Wide Variety

Limestone is sourced from all over the world, which gives it incredible variety. Depending on where your limestone was formed, it may have a different composition or texture. Additionally, while limestone is typically off-white in color, it comes in a huge variety of other tones. You can get limestone in black, pink, gold, tan, brown, and red!

Limestone is Extremely Versatile

Limestone is a versatile stone that can be used to compose nearly any custom home feature. It’s most commonly used on walls as bricks and on floors as tiling, but is growing in popularity as the stone of choice for things like fountains, columns, sinks, and kitchen hoods. Limestone is especially elegant-looking in bathrooms, kitchens, and as a fireplace!

Limestone is Naturally Complementary

Limestone’s neutral tones mean that it’ll always match whatever color or aesthetic you have going. It even matches other stones well! It’s because of limestone’s neutral colors that it is able to complement so many design styles and decor types.

Limestone Brings Beautiful Aesthetics

Many homeowners opt for limestone because of its timelessness. It’s a stone that has been around for as long as people have, and it’s for good reason! It’s elegant and refined, and will help any home seem more upscale. It’s a stone that retains the clean, sharp edges of other materials, but is still soft enough to be considered homey. Plus, no two slabs of limestone are the same, which means your piece will always be unique!

Limestone Is Very Durable

Limestone is an extremely sturdy building material, and has been used for centuries. It doesn’t break down easily, and even superficial cracks or chips don’t obscure its structural strength. If used in your home and properly cared for, it’s sure to last a lifetime.

Limestone Is Consistent

Limestone has one key characteristic that makes it stand out from other stones: it has a consistent color and texture. Slabs are generally even, unlike granite and marble which can have a higher degree of variation within a smaller surface area. Limestone makes it easy to create a cohesive look both within the same room and across a whole house.

Creating a Lasting Impression with Our Limestone

At Impression, we take pride in crafting beautiful custom home features that will last generations. We do so by combining long-lasting materials with skilled artisans, hand-crafting unique pieces that your family will love for generations to come. Our team creates limestone, marble, and even reclaimed terracotta features in the form of fireplaces, flooring, door surrounds, fountains, columns, sinks, kitchen hoods, countertops, stairs, walls, roofing, and tiles. To get started, contact us today, or check out our website for more information.

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