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Is Limestone Flooring Durable?

The Durability of Limestone Flooring

Picking a new flooring can be a daunting task, and homeowners often struggle with which one will live permanently in their home. Of all of the flooring options available, limestone is one of the best. Limestone is a good medium between durability and comfort, being just hard enough to remain strong while also being soft enough to walk on comfortably. 

Pros of Using Limestone Flooring

There are many pros to limestone flooring, and each of its unique features give limestone the ability to make an impression in any home! For one, limestone is extremely durable! Need proof? Limestone buildings and historic landmarks are still standing after centuries with little to no damage. Limestone takes quite a bit of damage and/or pressure in order to crack or chip. Moreover, it’s great in any climate! Limestone is resistant to repeated heating and thawing, due in part to its dense nature. Dense stones naturally have less porous composition. With such few pores, it’s harder for water that seeps in to create cracks as it repeatedly freezes and thaws. Even when limestone does become damaged, it’s typically superficial. This means that any damage doesn’t affect the structural strength of your limestone home features, only adding aesthetic character! It’s also totally possible to repair minor damages, including limestone chips and scratches, on your own without the use of professional help.

Cons of Using Limestone Flooring

Limestone does have some downsides as a flooring material. Limestone is soft, so it may not be great for high traffic areas. However, it is still far better than how carpet gets matted or how vinyl colors fade, making it a great choice if longevity is your goal. You will also need to be gentle when placing things on limestone flooring, especially with objects like heavy furniture! Dropping heavy or blunt objects can cause cracks or dents due to the softness of limestone. Additionally, limestone may not be great for children or pets with long, hard nails, like large dogs. Children’s toys and pets’ sharp nails can cause scratches. With that said, proper sealing and care can prevent the impact of children, pets, and high traffic!

Maintenance Needed to Preserve Durability

Of course, like with any other stone material, limestone does require some maintenance from time to time. It will need to be sealed in order to keep liquid and dirt out of the few pores that it does have. This helps preserve the strength of limestone as well as prevent mold, mildew, and other harmful substances from building up. You can learn more about how to protect and clean your limestone in our other blogs!

How Impression Ensures Durability of Our Limestone

At Impression, our skilled and experienced artisans that have been creating masterpieces for decades. Our team builds things to last, and our limestone custom home features are no exception. We understand how to place limestone flooring to best accommodate your home or space, alternating patterns and shading to craft a dynamic piece that works best with your aesthetic and interior design. Learn more on our website, and if you’re ready to make the change to limestone flooring, contact Impression today and we’ll get started with hand-crafting your next home renovation project!

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