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3 Amazing Marble Custom Home Features

3 Amazing Marble Custom Home Features

Prefab home features may be cost effective, but they have their limits. For one, it can be challenging to fit them into an existing space. Also, since they are made in large quantities, there’s really nothing special about them. If you want something personalized and tailor-made for your home, a custom marble feature is the way to go! Since marble is both versatile and easily sculpted, we can use it to craft almost any design element, inside or outside. Give your home the wow factor with these 3 amazing custom marble home features:

1. Custom Marble Fireplaces

Transform your once brick or tiled fireplace into a statement-making masterpiece with the sophisticated charm of marble. Naturally beautiful and heat-resistant, marble is one of the finest materials for a fireplace surround or mantel. Its smooth, silky appearance and unique veining gives it a luxurious appeal. And its sculptable nature makes it ideal for elaborate carvings and dimensional designs. Each fireplace from Impression is custom-made, using French hand-carving techniques and the best stone-cutting machines in the country. Ornate details and smooth finishes will set your fireplace apart from the rest.

2. Custom Marble Fountains

If you’re inspired by European aesthetics, you’re going to love what a marble fountain can do for your home. A superiorly crafted marble fountain from Impression will transport you to another world. Create a welcoming courtyard or enhance your curb appeal with an outdoor marble fountain. A marble fountain will also add an impressive statement to your foyer or master bath. An elegantly sculpted design combined with the relaxing sounds of water make for a truly unique and transformative home feature.

3. Custom Marble Kitchen Range Hoods

In old-world European design, range hoods were a focal point of the kitchen. Kitchen hoods are becoming popular once again, inviting new opportunities to showcase style. To capture the old-world opulence of French architecture, opt for a hand-crafted marble range hood, complete with ornate engravings and motifs. For a modern look, choose an integrated kitchen good. With an integrated range, marble backsplash tiling will continue around the hood, creating one cohesive design. Both options are tailor-made for your custom kitchen design.

Amazing Marble Custom Home Features From Impression

At Impression, we have no interest in status-quo. We specially craft each marble home feature using the highest quality marble and the most advanced techniques. Our skilled artisans take the time to make sure each detail is perfect. If you’re interested in a custom-made marble fireplace, fountain, or kitchen range, give us a call or visit our showroom. We also specialize in a variety of other natural stone features, making us your one-stop-shop for beautiful and long-lasting home design.