Limestone Options

Limestone Fireplace

Plenty of Limestone Options

We know that choosing the right limestone for your project is important, which is why we are happy to provide numerous options to fit your preference and needs. With a wide variety from the type of limestone, to beautiful colors, we can help you find the right match for your perfect custom home feature.

Why Choose Limestone?

Limestone has many benefits; primarily, that it is a durable material with visually pleasing aesthetics. It is also waterproof and heat-resistant, so it is great for kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, flooring, fireplaces, door surrounds, stairs and much more.

Our Step-By-Step Process

Interested in our custom limestone services? Take a look at our simple, effective process below.

  1. Contact us before starting your project
  2. We will discuss your dream project and come up with a design
  3. Visit our showroom to select the stone color
  4. We’ll give you an estimate and start your project*

*Please note that we only create custom home features. We do not install them.

More About Our Limestone Company

At Impression, we are proud to provide top-notch limestone custom home features. With our expert craftsmanship, traditional French hand carving skills and state of the art tools, you can receive the beautiful limestone home feature you have always dreamed of. Making your home stand out and leave a lasting impression is our top priority.

Don’t wait to get started on your dream project. Contact our artisans today!

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