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How to Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Bathroom

The average person will spend 13,140 hours of their life in the bathroom. It’s a space we frequent every day; some might even say it’s sacred. Though man-made materials were popular in the last century, natural stone is making a comeback. Homeowners are ditching those cheap materials and transforming their bathrooms into spa-like retreats. Natural stones bring tranquility and elegance to the bathroom, creating a serene environment. But with so many stone options available, how do you know which is best? Use these steps to find the right natural stone for your bathroom: 

Set Your Budget

Even though it’s a small space, a bathroom can cost almost as much as a kitchen remodel (typically about $18,000+). So before you select a stone, understand your financial limitations. Once you set a budget, search within those parameters. In other words, make sure you have the proper funds to pay for floor-to-ceiling marble (if that’s what you fancy). Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a financial dilemma. 

Consider Water-Resistance

Between the sink, toilet, tub, and shower, your bathroom is no stranger to water. Even the walls and ceiling can collect moisture from shower steam. When you select a material for your bathroom, it should be water-resistant. Thankfully, both limestone and marble have a natural water-resistance and won’t swell, crack, or disintegrate when wet. They’re also unlinky to harbor bacteria. However, both stones are porous and can develop stains from soap scum or mildew. Preventing this is easy. Simply seal it regularly and clean with a pH neutral stone cleaner.

Select Style and Color

Limestone typically comes in shades of tan, beige, and cream; although, you can find some hints of gold, pink, green, or gray. The stone patterns are soft and subtle. Limestone creates a warm, neutral vibe, perfect for traditional and rustic design. If you prefer more contrast or color, marble is your stone. From vivid white or black, to velvety rose or red, marble comes in almost any hue imaginable. Marble works with most styles and tastes, from antique-inspired to ultra modern. For a real eye-catching look, select a marble with dramatic veining.

Choose the Right Finish

You can use natural stone almost anywhere in your bathroom. However, it’s important to carefully consider the stone finish for each feature. Floors, bathtubs, countertops, and shelves can become slippery when wet, resulting in potential injuries or broken items. To provide extra grip, choose a honed or textured finish. These finishes also do a fine job of disguising scratches. Polished stone is too slippery for most surfaces in the bathroom but can work for a wall. Some people enjoy the shiny appearance and cleanability of a polished finish.

Impression Provides the Best Natural Stone for Your Bathroom

Impression has served the South Bay area for over a quarter of a century. We are experts in renovation planning and home remodeling. When you decide to renovate your bathroom, you can trust our artisans to design and craft stunning natural stone features for your bathroom. From limestone floors to marble countertops, we can custom-craft the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today and start planning your renovation. We know you’ll enjoy the timeless beauty our natural stone will bring to your bathroom.