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Limestone Uses In And Around Your House

Limestone Uses That Fit Your Home’s Style

Limestone is a natural material that is easy to cut and carve into whatever design you’d like. It’s also long-lasting and readily available. It’s warmth and beauty are alluring and fits into any home design. If you like the look, feel, and natural tough limestone brings to a house, there are plenty of limestone uses to consider. Here are a few to look over as you decide which direction to go.

Fireplace Surrounds

Limestone is a warm material by its natural origins so it can bring a warm look to the room, even when there’s no fire lit. Some people use the simple limestones to create a streamlined look around their fireplace. Others have it carved into an ornate centerpiece. Either way, a fireplace surround made from limestone certainly stands out in any room and can add a touch of elegance and color as well.

Kitchen Countertops

Limestone is a popular material for countertops because it is long-lasting and durable. You want to protect your limestone with a sealant because acidic liquids can stain it, but other than that, it can hold up to just about anything. Many homeowners like limestone because while it’s a stone, it’s also soft to the touch and doesn’t feel as cold and hard as other options. That aspect along with its natural beauty can really highlight a kitchen’s best features.

Various Flooring

Limestone can be used as flooring in a number of different rooms. The tiles are often placed in the entryway to exude warmth and style right inside the front door. The tiles also work well in the kitchen to give you warmth and comfort beneath the feet as well as natural beauty. They can be utilized in bathrooms for the same reason. There are even homeowners who like to use them in hallways, or even outside on the patio. Limestone is found in buildings all around the world so it’s obvious that it can hold up well to outdoor elements and the test of time.

Accent Walls

The beauty of limestone uses can infuse right into the walls of your home if you place tiles or stones against one or more walls in a room. Some people like to take limestones and stack them up the wall above a fireplace for a dramatic look. Others like to use tiles in the bathroom shower or even in the living room for a unique, historically-rick appearance. Limestone can fit in wherever you’d like to feature it.

Limestone Uses Come Alive

If you’re ready to utilize this natural stone in some area of your home or another, contact the experts at Impression. Perhaps you know what limestone uses you want to put into effect or maybe you just know you want the natural stone in your home, but you aren’t sure where. The craftsman can help you choose just the right limestone for just the right location to give your home that something extra that every homeowner desires.

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