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5 Limestone Options You Should Consider in Your Next Remodel

5 Limestone Options You Should Consider in Your Next Remodel

There are so many reasons to choose limestone for your home project. This sedimentary rock offers a classic beauty and European-inspired elegance. Created by Mother Nature herself, limestone is durable, heat-resistant, water-resistant, and versatile. It also happens to be more affordable than many other natural stones, making it a great choice for any space in your home, inside or out. Give one of these 5 limestone options a try when you plan your next remodel:

1. Limestone Door Surround

When you look at Old World architecture, you’ll notice exquisite detail at every corner. There was no such thing as builders grade or prefab. Architects took pride in their work and each building was a unique piece of art. You may think that architectural detail like that doesn’t exist anymore. However, at Impression, we are dedicated to reviving this long-lost art. One way we do this is through limestone door surrounds. Custom-crafted and ornately designed, our limestone door surrounds can transform a space from basic to stately. Add one to your exterior door to enhance your curb appeal; or update your interior doorways to turn up the charm.

2. Limestone Wall

Limestone walls capture the historically rich beauty of Europe. Found in France and Italy, centuries-old limestone walls are a testament to limestone’s strength, longevity, and timeless allure. A limestone privacy wall, garden surround, or retaining wall is both practical and charming. It will beautify your yard while serving a functional purpose. You can also bring the same look indoors with a limestone accent wall or walk-in shower.

3. Limestone Flooring

Limestone tiles and pavers are suitable for both interior and exterior flooring. Limestone’s durability and water resistance makes it ideal for high-traffic areas and rooms prone to wetness. You can use limestone flooring anywhere from kitchens and bathrooms, to patios and living rooms. And since it comes in a variety of neutral shades, it can easily match any decor. We recommend choosing a honed or textured finish for your limestone flooring. This will keep it from becoming slippery and also disguise any potential scratches. To further protect your floor, make sure to seal it regularly.

4. Limestone Stairs

There’s nothing spectacular about common wood or carpeted stairs. If you want your stairs to make an impression, upgrade them with limestone. Imagine walking into your home and seeing a grand limestone staircase, complete with hand-carved molding and unique variations. It’s sure to elevate your entrance to luxe levels. 

5. Refinish Existing Limestone Home Features

To save money and breathe new life into your existing decor, consider refinishing an old limestone feature. Unlike man-made materials, limestone can be refurbished when it becomes worn or weathered. You can also refinish limestone simply to give it a different look. For example, if you’re no longer thrilled with your polished limestone countertops, you can change it up with a honed or leathered finish. 

Choose Impression Limestone for Your Next Remodel

Impression has served the South Bay area for over a quarter of a century. We are experts in renovation planning and home remodeling. When you decide to renovate your home, you can trust our artisans to design and craft stunning limestone features. If you are looking to replace your existing surface or want something altogether new, Impression is your source for the best limestone. From floors and countertops to more complex pieces like door surrounds and fireplaces, our limestone craftsmanship will wow you for many years to come. Contact us today and get ready to experience the timeless beauty of limestone.