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Is Limestone a Good Building Material?

Why Limestone Is a Good Building Material 

Limestone is an interesting material that is certainly strong enough to build with, but also soft enough to carve, mold, and shape. This leaves many homeowners wondering, is limestone really a good building material? This question is super understandable, and Impression is here to inform everyone that, yes, limestone is a great building material! Don’t believe us? Limestone has been used to construct some of the greatest historical landmarks, including The Great Sphinx, The Parthenon, The Empire State Building, and far more! Read on to see why limestone could be the right building material for you.

Limestone Is Versatile

Limestone is an incredibly versatile building material. For one, most limestone pieces are off-white in color, which matches every building style and color. If you don’t want white, there are plenty of other variations like red, pink, gold, brown, and even black. Moreover, each of these colors can then be finished in a different way to result in unique texture and color combinations. Limestone’s soft-yet-dense nature allows these combinations to be formed into many shapes like blocks, bricks, slabs, and more, plus intricate carvings and molds.

Limestone Has Dependability

Limestone is one of the most durable options out of all building materials. It’s strong and dense, and contains few pores. Less pores make it harder for the stone to break, and allow it to withstand abrasion and freeze-thaw. It’s also weather resistant, making it the perfect option no matter the climate you’re in. While limestone may naturally corrode over time, it will only do so on a superficial level, not affecting the structural strength. Your limestone is likely to last for generations!

Limestone Is Cost-Effective 

Compared to many other stone and stone-like building materials, limestone is very affordable. Part of this is because it’s available in abundance. Another reason is that limestone is easier to work with. Because it’s easier to work with, it’s simpler to install, which reduces the installation time and consequently, the cost. Additionally, limestone is not as heavy as other materials, so less structural material is needed to support your limestone features.

Limestone Helps Control Temperature

Limestone’s density gives it unique properties. One of them is that limestone is a great conductor for heat. It absorbs external warmth and doesn’t allow it to pass through into your home, which will keep the inside of your house much cooler. This is great for the environment, because it keeps electricity usage down. It’s also great for your wallet, as electricity can be expensive!

Choosing Limestone From Impression

Impression believes that limestone is one of the most ideal building material options, which is why we choose to make incredible home features with it every day. We love how easy it is to work with this stone, while still being so structurally sound! At Impression, we create custom pieces out of limestone, including fireplaces, kitchen hoods, flooring, tiling, and more. Our expert artisans have years of studying and experience, and use hand carving techniques to capture extreme details in the home pieces we make. Each piece of stone we select is chosen to create a cohesive project, and the texture, color, and grain of your limestone will always be perfect. Contact us today to get started on your custom home feature, or visit our site to learn more!

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