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Limestone Features In Custom Home Items

Advantages Of Limestone Custom Home Features

Homes with custom features stand out as unique and special. Whether you are thinking of changing your countertops, flooring, fireplace, or installing a custom fountain in the garden, limestone is a material you might want to consider. Limestone has been around for centuries and the natural stone is beautiful, charming, and long-lasting. With a unique, natural appeal, there are plenty of benefits to go with home features made from limestone materials. Here are some of the advantages limestone will bring to your space.

Long-Lasting Durability

Limestone is a durable material, which makes it hold up well, no matter what custom home feature you are considering. It can endure wear and tear, which makes it fit well on floors, walls, counter, and in many other areas. You can trust that the limestone you install will hold up well no matter where you place it.

Unmatched Consistency

There are many materials that come in a wide variety of patterns and colors and while limestone does have variations, it is also more consistent than other materials. This is a great benefit when you want a uniform look on the countertops, flooring, or in other custom features throughout your home.

Warm, Natural Beauty

There are plenty of natural stones, but limestone gives you a warm and earthy look that is naturally beautiful. Your home will have a higher level of elegance and sophistication when you include custom limestone items in certain areas.

Cost-Effective Nature

Limestone is readily available so if you want a stone that is cost-effective, limestone is a good match. It’s a great option because it is easy to get, which keeps the price down to a level you can afford.

High Versatility

Limestone can match, or at least fit in, to many areas of your home. There is a range of color options and you can have the stone cut and shaped in any way you want it. Whether you want something simple and straightforward or something more elegant and hand carved, limestone can be just what you want it to be.

Maintenance Ease

No one wants to install something in their home that is hard to care for and you don’t have to worry about limestone being that item. You will want to clean the limestone with a cloth and cleaning solution from time to time, but that’s all it really ever needs. Limestone flooring may need to be sealed every year or two, but regular cleanings are quick and easy.

Get Your Custom Limestone Project Started

If you are ready to move forward with limestone for your home, you have decisions to make. Where will the limestone go? What will it look like? You can customize it any way you’d like, you know. Contact the limestone professionals at Impression to get started on your project. We have worked with limestone enough to know just what it can do for a home and we’ll help you get the look you want in whatever way you want it.