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How to Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Outdoor BBQ

How to Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Outdoor BBQ

The kitchen and living room used to be the heart of the home. However, in a new era of social distancing, the great outdoors is the latest hangout. In fact, many people throughout the world used quarantine to revamp their outside spaces. If you’re looking to redo or build a new outdoor BBQ area, you’re probably considering natural stone. You can use stone almost anywhere in your outdoor kitchen, including the countertops, flooring, island, and grill surround. Though materials like cement or metal have their place, they simply cannot compete with the beauty and longevity of natural stone. But with so many to choose from, how can you know which natural stone is best? Follow this guide to select the right natural stone for your outdoor BBQ kitchen.

Make Sure It’s Heat-Resistant

The star of an outdoor kitchen is the grill. Whether it be gas, propane, coal, or pellet, that grill is going to let off a lot of heat! That’s why it is crucial to select a natural stone with good density and heat resistance. This is especially important for the countertops and grill surround. Marble is a particularly interesting choice due to its ability to absorb heat. This unique feature allows it to remain cool to the touch and also cool things down faster.  

Look for Weather-Resistance 

SInce Mother Nature created stone to withstand the elements, most natural stones are weather-resistant. They won’t expand and contract with temperature shifts, so you needn’t worry about cracking during the summer or winter months. Natural stones are also tolerant of rain, snow, and wind. However, if you choose a porous stone, like marble or limestone, be sure to treat regularly with a proper sealant. Doing so will protect it from water, dirt, mildew, and food stains.

Choose a Proper Finish

Let’s face it. The outdoors can be rough. Between storms, animals, and traveling debris, your outdoor BBQ will take a beating. For this reason, select a stone finish that can disguise scratches and etching. Additionally, if your area sees a lot of water (either from rain, sprinklers, or nearby pool), consider an anti-slip finish. We recommend choosing honed, natural cleft, or some kind of textured finish like leathered or sandblasted. Refrain from using polished stone as this will show damage and also become slippery when wet.

Select a Stone that Matches Your Style

Since most natural stones are great for outdoor use, it may just come down to looks. Think about your dream BBQ. Is it cozy and rustic? Choose limestone. Its neutral coloring and subtle patterns create a warm, rural vibe. Or maybe it’s sleek and modern. In that case, select marble for your outdoor BBQ kitchen. You’ll love the striking colors and dramatic veining. With the right design, you can also use limestone or marble for a more traditional or European look.

Think About Resale Value

With shifting trends, homebuyers are now looking for quality outdoor spaces. Sure, a marble kitchen is sure to wow but imagine their surprise when they see an outside marble BBQ! When you select a material for your outdoor kitchen area, consider its resale value. Will it increase the selling price of your home? Will it help your house sell quicker? Natural stones, like limestone and marble, are both durable and timeless. Even if trends change, they will always remain desirable to homebuyers. 

Trust Impression with Your Natural Stone Outdoor BBQ

For over a quarter of a century, Impression has served the South Bay area. As a leading natural stone dealer, we are experts on all there is to know about stone. If you’re unsure about which natural stone to select for your outdoor BBQ, we will help you every step of the way. We offer the highest quality marble, limestone, or reclaimed terracotta, carefully curated from France and Italy. Our artisans then custom-make each piece, using hand-carving techniques and state-of the-art tools. You’re going to love the unique and long-lasting beauty that our natural stone features bring to your outdoor BBQ.