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Why Limestone Is A Top Choice

Limestone 101

Limestone has been popular in home design for thousands of years. This sedimentary stone is also known as calcium carbonate and is formed deep under the ocean. It is a durable material that is fantastic for building. Yet, when it is made into countertops or flooring it needs to be sealed for protection since it is porous. It also needs a special cleaner that is made specifically for limestone. Today, we are going to look at a few reasons why limestone is a winning choice for custom home features.

1. Longevity

One of the fantastic benefits of limestone is that it very durable. This natural stone has been used in buildings for many centuries. Numerous structures that have been built with limestone still stand today. With simple maintenance and care, limestone can last for generations to come.

2. Timeless Beauty

Limestone creates an ethereal beauty that can’t be replaced by any other material. If you want to be sure to match your interior design, limestone is the best choice as it comes in a wide variety of different shades of color. It typically has lighter hues such as browns, beiges, white, and even greens or blues. With the numerous limestone options, you can find just what you’re looking for. Because limestone is easily cut and shaped it is an ideal choice for custom home features that have hand carvings with specific designs and details.

3. Easy Maintenance

Another benefit of limestone is that it is easy to care for. It is resistant to fire, mold and bacteria. It can withstand weather, so is good for outdoor features such as door surrounds, fountains and more. To keep it clean, it simply needs to be wiped down every once in awhile with a soft rag and special cleaning solution that’s made for limestone. If you are cleaning limestone flooring or countertops, you don’t want to use cleaners that are abrasive or any brooms/rags that have a scratchy surface, as it can easily cause etching in your limestone. See more limestone cleaning tips here.

4. Eco Friendly

Limestone is a natural stone and is a great eco friendly choice. Every effort is made to reduce waste, recycle and respect the environment. If you are looking for a natural material that is the best choice for protecting the environment, limestone is a top choice.

A Few Examples of Top Limestone Custom Home Features

For your next custom home feature, consider limestone if you are looking for a natural stone that is durable, easy to maintain, has timeless beauty, and is eco friendly.