Limestone Fireplaces

Elegant Limestone Fireplaces

A fireplace that is expertly crafted is a stunning focal point. With our impressive craftsmanship, our fireplaces bring comfort, warmth and beauty to your living room, family room or bedroom.

Custom Limestone Fireplaces

We proudly design custom limestone fireplaces to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Our master carvers use the old way of French stone carving – a renowned technique for many centuries. We also use the most sophisticated stone-cutting machinery in the United States. This ideal combination produces the highest quality work. With over 30 years of experience, we know exactly how each custom home feature should be made. From the limestone’s color to skillful artistic design, we will customize your perfect fireplace.

Limestone Fireplace Hoods and Carvings

Fireplace hoods and fireplace carvings create a classic beauty. A beneficial feature of our French hand carvings is our 3D scanner. We use it to replicate the carvings and store it on our database in case you ever wanted to duplicate the design in the future.

Your Step-By-Step Project

We are available to you throughout the build of your limestone fireplace. From start to finish, we are pleased to be your number one advocate by providing expert advice. Take a look below to learn more about our process.

    1. Contact us before starting your project
    2. We will discuss your dream project and come up with a design
    3. Visit our showroom to select the stone color
    4. We’ll give you an estimate and start your project*

Make your home unique with a beautiful limestone fireplace. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

*Please note that we only build custom home features. We do not install them.