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Make Limestone a Staple Of Your Home

If you are building a new home, or planning a massive renovation on your current one, you want to make sure that the work is not only handled by professionals, but you’re installing features that will last and add long term value. In the Los Angeles area, there is a lot of unique and beautiful architecture that benefits from the favorable climate and year round sunshine. This is why limestone is such a popular material for designers and builders.

Limestone Features You Can Add To Your Home

Limestone has been used for millennia, which is more than enough reason to trust in its durability and versatility. Ancient buildings that are still standing today represent just how valuable of a material limestone can be, especially for a newly constructed home. You can work with a company that specializes in limestone fabrication to add a number of custom features that will create a wonderful atmosphere in and around your home.

Limestone Columns

Columns have been one of the most popular and widely used architecture features in a variety of design types spanning various cultures. From a structural standpoint, the column is meant to support the weight of the upper portion of construction. However, various sized columns can be used for purely aesthetic purposes, since it evokes a sense of European design. Since they’re heat resistant, you’ll typically see limestone columns on the outside of a building, and they will create a great first impression on anyone who sees your home for the first time.

Limestone Tiles

Inside and outside the home, limestone is a great choice for tiling material because of its incredible durability. Especially in high traffic areas, you’ll see extremely limited signs of wear and tear, if any at all. Also, they come in a variety of color options and finishes so you can choose exactly what fits your home design best. When you work with expert artisans, they can shape the size of tile using stone cutting machinery to help keep the look of your home as pristine as possible.

Limestone Countertops

Due to its versatility and the various colors and finishes available, many homes can have limestone countertops added to places like their kitchen, an outdoor grill, or the bathroom. Even though granite might be a more popular options amongst some homeowners due to its density, quality limestone taken from quarries in Europe can be just as if not more durable. It’s great in the kitchen because of how heat resistant it is, making it ideal for meal prep. You can also specify the type of look you want based on the edge cut, whether it’s rugged or more clean and cornered.

Working With an Expert Limestone Artisan

When you’re ready to begin the planning process for your home redesign, you want to reach out to an expert artisan who has experience working with limestone, and gets their material from quality quarries. Any handcrafted work will go a long way towards giving your home a truly unique atmosphere and beautiful aesthetic appeal.

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