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How To Clean Limestone Flooring In 6 Easy Steps

6 Effective Tips For Cleaning Limestone Flooring

Limestone is a beautiful natural stone that is a very popular type of flooring. Limestone is also a durable material and very long lasting. Yet, if it is not properly cared for it can become worn and scratched. If you want to prevent damage, knowing how to properly clean and care for your limestone flooring is essential.

1. Seal your limestone

Sealing your limestone is the first step in protecting it from stains. Limestone is a porous material, so it needs a seal to help prevent stains from spills. After it is sealed it can last up to two years. The best way to test this is when there is a spill. Check to see if the water beads up on the floor or if it is soaked up. If it doesn’t bead, this is when you know that it needs to be re-sealed.

2. Vacuum or sweep dust and debris

If there is a spill on your floor that isn’t liquid, a vacuum or a soft broom is a great tool to use. You should sweep or vacuum your limestone flooring daily because when dirt and dust build up and it gets walked on, it can wear on the floor, causing it to lose its shine and possibly even scratching it. Another way you can help prevent this is by putting a mat at each entryway to catch excess dirt, so it isn’t tracked inside.

3. Use special limestone cleaner

Not just any cleaner will work for limestone. If you want your flooring to last a long time, getting a special limestone cleaner is a must. Stay away from homemade cleaners, as a lot of them use acid based solutions such as lemon or vinegar. These ingredients are harsh and will cause damage to your limestone.

4. Use a wet mop or soft cloths

Never use anything on your limestone flooring that has a hard surface. Every once in awhile you may want to mop your floors. When you mop use a soft cloth and minimal water.

5. Spills require immediate action

A spill can seep into the limestone and set if it isn’t cleaned right away. To avoid stains, make sure that anytime something is spilled that it’s cleaned immediately.

6. Use a steamer for a deep clean

If your floor has a few stains and you want to give it a deeper clean, you can occasionally steam it. These machines are available to rent at home improvement stores. If dirt or other materials have snuck their way into the floor it can cause it to look stained. A steamer will help loosen the dirt in those pockets and dissolve them. Make sure to dry the floor completely when you’re done.

How To Remove Stains for Limestone Flooring

If your limestone has some stains you can use a special limestone cleaner that is made for a deeper scrub. This should not be used often, as it is a more aggressive cleaner, not meant for daily use. Be sure to read the label, and if in doubt, always speak with your limestone fabricator for their recommendation on the best solution.