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4 Reasons You Need A Limestone Door Surround

What is Limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is formed at the bottom of the ocean. It has been used for many famous building over numerous centuries. Limestone masonry has been a popular type of masonry, especially in Europe, as limestone is widely available and is very durable material. From St. Peter’s in Rome, to Durham Cathedral, many important structures that are still standing today were constructed with limestone.

About Limestone Masonry

Stone masonry is one of the world’s oldest trades. During the medieval ages and Tudor England, natural stone was used to create beautiful and durable castles and other buildings. Because limestone was the most available material during these times and was also very durable it was widely used. While they used other materials, such as wood and brick, limestone was more reliable and durable, and almost completely maintenance-free.

Why Limestone Door Surrounds?

If you are looking for an authentic Tudor or European look, a limestone door surround is the key to creating that elegant and dramatic atmosphere you want. Take a look below to see why limestone door surrounds have been extremely popular features since Old World Europe.

1. They set your home apart

One of the most significant features that make a home set apart is a limestone door surround. These features have been popular since Old World Europe, as they are ornate, impressive and durable. Since having a limestone door surround elevates a home, many sophisticated and elegant homes have these features incorporated into their design. These natural stone features always impress, as they provide a grand architectural design.

2. They Can Have A Custom Design

Another benefit of having a limestone door surround made for your home is that the custom design you want will perfectly fit your home’s architecture. Whether you have a European home, modern, traditional, Tudor, or otherwise, limestone masonry is all about creating a beautiful piece that will fit your home. With an artisan to hand carve designs, your limestone door surround will have that personal and impressive touch that will make your home unique and stand out.

3. They Are Long-Lasting

While its beauty may be the first noticeable feature of limestone, its durability is another fantastic benefit that should not be overlooked. For centuries, limestone has been used for many different structures that are still standing today. If you want to know that your home features will last for generations to come, this natural stone is the answer.

4. They Are Low Maintenance

Limestone is not only used for its beauty and durability, but also for its hygienic appeal. Since it is resistant to mold, bacteria and water it is a very cleanly material and will require little maintenance. This is good to know, as many limestone door surrounds are outside, so they won’t be affected in the weather.

We hope that you are able to find the custom home features that will create your dream home. As always, we are available to discuss any feature with you, especially any questions you may have about limestone door surrounds.