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6 Top Benefits of Limestone Flooring

Why Limestone Flooring?

Limestone flooring is a natural, beautiful option for creating a sophisticated atmosphere in your home. With its muted tones and various styles, it can create a clean, comfortable and elegant touch for any room.

What is Limestone?

Limestone is a natural stone that is made from sedimentary rocks. It is formed under the bottom of the sea and is pressurized, which makes it durable, yet porous. With the right seal, limestone can be very durable flooring that can handle heavily trafficked areas.

Limestone is a very popular option for flooring. Take a look below at 6 benefits of limestone flooring to find out why.

1. Durable

Limestone tiles are hard and do not wear easily, which makes them the perfect candidate for flooring. Because they are also moderately soft to the touch, they are more comfortable to walk on. Even though they feel nice on your feet, this doesn’t compromise their durability, as they retain their structure for a long time.

2. It’s Beautiful

Limestone flooring creates a timeless, charming environment. No matter the color or style you choose, limestone’s natural, earthy characteristics will give your home a modern, yet traditional feel. It can match virtually any color scheme you already have in your home and will give the room the feeling you want to create. Another fantastic benefit of limestone is that it often adds value to your home because it is a long lasting and luxurious material.

3. It’s Cost Effective

If you are looking for beautiful, natural flooring without outrages costs, limestone is the best option. It has that luxurious appearance that will elevate your home’s design and atmosphere.

5. It’s Versatile

Do you need flooring that matches your home’s décor, but want a material that is also natural? Natural stone gives an impressive touch to your home, as it is earthy, elegant and elevated. Limestone comes in various colors, shapes and sizes so that you can easily match it to your interior design. Certain limestone tiles will look fantastic with your interior design, while some others look amazing for the outdoors. Whether you want your limestone tiles in the hallway, the bathroom, or out on your patio, you can choose the style that fits best.

6. It’s Cleanly & Easy to Maintain

Limestone is resistant to mold and bacteria. This makes it a fabulous material to use in bathrooms or outdoors around your pool, or for your patio. Because these tiles don’t get dirty as often, they are easier to clean and maintain. They usually only need simple sweeping, and occasionally mopping with a specific limestone cleaner. You will want to reseal it once a year to ensure the integrity of its structure. With the proper care and maintenance, your limestone will last for many years to come.

As you can see, limestone flooring has numerous benefits. We hope that you find the best flooring for your home that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Of course, if you have more questions about limestone flooring, we will be happy to help.