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How to Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Home

Though all natural stone is beautiful and timeless, it’s not exactly one-size-fits-all. What works for one project may not suit another. It comes down to function and preference. You’ll need to choose a stone material, color, shape, and finish that’s right for the space. Before you select something on a whim, follow these steps to choose the right natural stone for your home:

Determine Your Budget

It’s always best to start with your budget. Since the cost of natural stone varies, this can help narrow down the selections. For example, if you’re on a limited budget, limestone may be a better option for you. But if you have access to nearly unlimited funds, might as well splurge on the best marble you can find! Customization features, shapes, patterns, and finishes can also add to the price of the stone.

Understand Your Needs

This is probably the most important step in the process. Many people select a natural stone based on looks with no regard for its functional nature. Take a long, hard look at the space. Will there be a lot of foot traffic? Will the surface get wet or encounter food spills? Will it face harsh weather conditions? Keep these questions in mind to pick the right stone for your project. For example, polished marble may not be the right choice for a kitchen floor since it’s slippery and prone to staining. You might want to go with a honed marble or textured limestone instead.

Figure Out Your Style

Are you drawn to Mediterranean design? Reclaimed terracotta is a perfect choice. Prefer traditional or rustic style? Limestone is your stone. And marble is perfect for a classically elegant or sleek, modern decor. You also need to think about other design elements, such as silhouettes, engravings, and tile shapes and patterns. All of these details affect the final look of the stone.

Decide on a Color

Think that all limestone is beige and all marble is white? Think again. When a stone forms in nature, it comes in contact with a variety of minerals. These minerals influence the color. For example, terracotta with a greater iron content will have a redder hue. You can find natural stones in a wide range of colors, from cream, black, pink, and blue (and everything in between). Select a color that speaks to you and goes with your design palette.

Choose a Finish

Stone artisans use expert techniques to apply finishes to a stone’s surface. The finish can transform the look of the stone and also provide certain practical purposes. Though there are many different types of natural stone finishes, polished and honed are the most popular. Polishing enhances the stone’s natural appearance and produces a reflective shine. Honing offers a softer, more muted look while giving the stone some anti-slip and scratch-disguising properties.

Impression Will Help You Choose the Right Natural Stone for Your Home

Impression has served the South Bay area for over a quarter of a century. As a leading natural stone dealer, we are experts on all there is to know about stone. If you’re unsure about which natural stone to select for your project, we will help you every step of the way. We offer the highest quality European marble, limestone, or reclaimed terracotta. Our artisans then custom-make each piece, using hand-carving techniques and state-of the-art tools. You’re going to love the unique and long-lasting beauty that our natural stone features bring to your home.