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7 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

7 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Whether your bathroom is a pastel-colored blast from the past or a boring builder grade, you’re probably aching to give it a makeover. Since you spend a lot of time in your bathroom, you want it to feel welcoming — your own personal escape. We know you’re eager to start demolition, but don’t jump the gun. Put the hammer down, take a step back, and get organized. A bathroom renovation is a huge undertaking. Even though it’s a small space, a bathroom can cost almost as much as a kitchen remodel (typically about $18,000+). Before beginning a bathroom renovation, ask yourself these 7 questions:

1. What is the Budget For My Bathroom Renovation?

Unless you have bottomless pockets, it’s best to establish a budget before diving into your remodeling project. What do you have in savings? How much credit do you have available? Do you qualify for an equity loan? Decide how much you’re comfortable spending and then go from there. Determine which areas you’d like to spend more money on and which areas you can make some compromises with. You could also DIY certain things or refurbish existing items to save money. For example, in lieu of a brand new light fixture, clean and paint your current one to give it a fresh look.

2. What Kind of Aesthetic Am I Attracted To?

You don’t need to be an interior architect to dream up a beautiful bathroom design. Inspiration is everywhere. When you visit other people’s homes, take note of their bathroom and what you like or dislike about them. Visit websites like Pinterest or watch home makeover shows. Pay attention to the styles that you’re attracted to. Do you like the bright yet weathered aesthetic of modern farmhouse? Or maybe you enjoy the elegance of a french-inspired marble bathroom. Whatever your taste, figure out what you love about that style and try to mirror those elements in your own design.

3. Who Will Be Using the Bathroom?

You should definitely consider the bathroom’s primary users before settling on the layout and materials. If multiple people will be using the bathroom (and you have the space), you may want to consider double sinks and a separate “water closet” for the toilet. The tub and shower situation is another point to consider. Master ensuites may require a large walk-in shower and, if you desire, a jacuzzi or garden tub. Guest or children bathrooms typically have a shower/tub combo to accommodate a variety of users.

4. What’s the Best Flooring For a Bathroom?

Aside from just looks, there are some materials that work better than others for bathroom floors. Keep in mind that the floors will be exposed to water and soap. For this reason, it’s probably best to stay away from materials that warp or become slippery when wet. You should also refrain from using materials that are prone to mold. This is why you’ll rarely see wood or carpet in a bathroom! We recommend installing a natural stone tile, like limestone, and using a textured or honed finish to give it extra grip. Remember to seal it regularly to protect it from damage or discoloration.

5. What Materials Should I Use for the Countertops?

It’s common to find natural stone countertops in the kitchen but you may be wondering if it’s right for the bathroom. The answer is absolutely! Both limestone and marble can be used to make beautiful and strong home features for your bathroom. These materials can be custom-built to fit your exact specifications. And since each stone slab is one-of-a-kind, it’ll give your bathroom a unique, personalized touch. 

6. What Materials Should I Use for the Tub or Shower?

Though most tubs are porcelain, you can also find high-end ones made of natural stone. A natural stone tub will really give your bathroom that luxury spa quality you long for. For a shower, we recommend tiling. Most natural stone tiles are water-resistant and durable enough for daily use. To prevent the surface from becoming slippery, opt for mosaic tiling or textured/honed tiles. 

7. How Long Will I Stay in the Home?

This is an important and often overlooked question to consider when remodeling a bathroom. If you plan on staying a while, take the time to make the bathroom your own. If you don’t think you’ll be there long, think about resale value. The materials and features you choose should increase the value of your home and help it sell faster. Otherwise, they just aren’t worth it. For example, a marble countertop will probably give you a greater return on an investment than a laminate one would.

Choose Impression For Your Bathroom Remodel

Impression has served the South Bay area for over a quarter of a century. We are experts in renovation planning and home remodeling. When you decide to renovate your bathroom, you can trust our artisans to design and craft stunning natural stone features for your bathroom. From limestone floors to marble countertops, we can custom-craft the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today and start planning your bathroom renovation.