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What Are Natural Stone Refinishing Options?

What Are Natural Stone Refinishing Options?

You’re likely already aware of the vast variety of natural stone options available. At Impression alone, we carry hundreds of different colors and patterns of limestone, marble, and reclaimed terracotta. However, the incredible customization of natural stone doesn’t end there! In addition to choosing the type, color, and pattern of your natural stone, you can also select from different types of natural stone finishes.

Types of Finish For Natural Stone

The types of finishes available for natural stone are endless, though they’re most commonly categorized into polished, honed, and leathered. Polished and honed may also be categorized as mechanical finishes, while leathered is considered an impact finish. Keep in mind that the following categories are simply the most popular, and this list is certainly not comprehensive! Other examples of natural stone finishes include sawn, riven, brushed, thermal, tumbled, sandblasted, antique, acid wash, meshed, Rigato, Letano, and more. Getting in touch with the experts at Impression will help guide you towards the finishes best for your home and your specific natural stone piece.

Polished Finish

Highly-polished stone is the preference of many, especially for marble. Polishing brings out the brightest colors of your stone. Polished stone is not only vibrant but also sparkling and shiny, with character capable of showing through the finish. A polished stone finish is perfect for those looking to show off their natural stone and call attention to all of the characteristics that make it unique. With regards to refinishing, a polished finish can be applied to virtually any stone no matter what finish it started with.

Honed Finish

Honing offers a more uniform, earthy result, and comes in matte and satin varieties. It generally reduces the sparkle and flattens some of the color and pattern variation. Of course, movement and thick veining will still be visible, just with more subtlety. 

Leathered Finish

A leathered finish is the most natural finish option. It embraces the natural stone’s original texture through a river-washed appearance and generally is less reflective and more tactile. A leathered finish is used most commonly on natural stone flooring but can be applied to any natural stone home feature.

What Is Refinishing Natural Stone?

If your home’s aesthetic or needs have changed, don’t worry; there’s no need to replace all of your stone entirely in order to achieve a different look. Natural stone materials are inherently versatile and can be refinished to change their overall appearance. 

Refinishing is the process by which natural stone changes finishes. Stone can be sanded down and replaced with a different sealant to change its finish. Moreover, you can even add a color-enhancing finish to brighten your natural stone’s colors for a more vibrant appearance. Homeowners may change their natural stone’s finish every 5–10 years depending on their home’s furnishings and their personal style.

Find Your Dream Stone at Impression

The key to finding your next perfect stone finish is starting with the right stone in the first place! At Impression, we carry an impressive selection of magnificent limestone, marble, and terracotta. Our artisans are capable of crafting any custom feature you desire, and we help families turn their houses into homes each and every day. There are hundreds of combinations of stone features, types, colors, patterns, and finishes, meaning that your home’s stone journey is fully-customizable and always limitless. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you find the right stone with the right finish for your space!

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