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The Durability Of Limestone Flooring

Are Limestone Floors Durable?

When you look into new flooring for certain areas of your home, you might want something that looks nice, but is also comfortable and durable. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good balance, limestone flooring might be the mix you are looking for. If the flooring is going into a high traffic area, like an entryway, a hallway, or the kitchen, you will want durability above all else. But that doesn’t necessairly mean you want to give up on appearance. You might know you like the look of limestone, but is it as durable as you need it to be?

Durability All Around

Limestone is a natural stone and it’s one of the softer stones you can use for your flooring. Compared to granite or marble, you can feel the softness of the stone under your feet. The softness means it is more comfortable as flooring materials, but it can also crack or chip easier. While it takes a lot to crack and chip limestone, you’ll want to keep that in mind and try not to drop hard items on it. Limestone is highly durable since it has been used in buildings all over the world that are still standing after centuries.

Sealing Limestone

Limestone can take quite a bit of abuse, but you want to keep dirt and liquids from getting to the stone itself. That’s why you’ll want to seal your limestone flooring after it is first installed. The sealant will have to be replaced as the years go on. Keep an eye on it so you know when the time is right. If you are able to keep the sealant updated, you are much less likely to damage the stone with dirt and water that might get on it. It’s also a good idea to keep it clean and sweep up any dirt. If there are spills, clean those up immediately as well.

Comparing Traffic Patterns

If you were to put the different materials in the same heavy traffic area, which would do better? You know carpet would get worn down, especially if it is thick. It would show dirt and traffic patterns with ease over time. Vinyl is a great, low maintenance material, but the colors and patterns can also wear down over continuous use. With limestone, that’s just not the case. The stone is soft under the feet, but still highly durable and will stand up well against the test of time, even in heavy traffic areas.

Is Limestone Your Choice?

Since limestone is so durable and beautiful, it might be a good option for you if you have a heavy traffic area in your home. Whether that’s your kitchen, a hallway, the entryway or beyond, limestone will bring the durability you need. If you’re looking into details on limestone and you have questions, contact the experts at Impression for help. We work with limestone daily and we can answer any question you have about using the material for flooring.