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What Are the Best Stones for a Fireplace?

Choosing the Best Stone for Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are the mark of an elegant and stunning home. They function as a place to gather, a way to warm your home, and a focal point no matter which room they’re placed in. Adding a fireplace to your home is a sure-fire way to not only elevate your living space, but also increase the property and resale value of your home. Today, we’ll talk about how limestone and marble can be the perfect stone materials for your home’s new fireplace.

Limestone for Your Fireplace Material

As far as fireplaces go, limestone is one of the best stone options available! Limestone is a natural stone formed through years of compressing shells, mud, fossils, and other natural debris.

Limestone is found in abundance across the globe, and its high quantity helps keep its price low. Its affordability allows many homeowners to choose more grandeur designs and use more material when limestone is selected. This is something you’ll want to do, by the way, given limestone’s incredible ability to be easily manipulated into any shape! Limestone is ideal for our French hand-carving styles, and can become any cut or carve with ease due to its paradoxical softness despite its strength. This look and feel gives homeowners the chance to choose any fun design option, which complements the more simple texture of limestone that often comes in neutral colors, like cream and soft grey.

Limestone is known for lasting a lifetime, and has been used in many historic landmarks from around the globe. This durable stone never loses structural strength or integrity, which means even the few chips and cracks it may acquire aren’t detrimental to your stone, instead adding a level of uniqueness! Beyond being structurally sound, limestone also works with any type of fire. It can withstand anything from wood-grated fires to gas or electric ones.

Marble for Your Fireplace Material

Marble is a luxurious and elegant stone that adds a warm and cozy aesthetic to any home. Fireplaces made with marble are often so revered that there’s less of a need to decorate!

Marble comes in a nearly-unlimited array of styles, colors, and patterns. No matter your home’s decor, there’s a marble to match! Marble fireplaces are the simplest way to add a bold focal point to any room, and they’re capable of being designed and hand-crafted with ease. If you’re into more classic designs, your marble fireplace can be left uncustomized and still retain all of the beauty you’re looking for.

Marble fireplaces are extremely resistant to high heat because of their hard and dense nature. This natural stone is incredibly easy to maintain, even around soot and fire, because of its resistance to both water and fire. They’re durable, permanent, and avoid any dust buildup by being easy to clean!

Choosing a Fireplace Stone with Impression

Impression makes it easy to create stunning fireplaces in your home! We start by setting up a consultation and discussing your dream project. From there, we get to designing! We’ll have you tour our state-of-the-art showroom to select a stone color and pattern, give you an estimate, and get to work. Once completed, we’ll give you recommendations on our trusted installers to put your custom piece into motion. Best of all, our 3D scanner saves any carvings made to your piece and stores them in our database for use on future projects or to complete any repairs! Contact us today to get started.

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