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Can You Use Limestone Tiles Outside?

Using Limestone Tiles Outside

When it comes to natural stone materials, limestone is the unsung hero. It doesn’t get the same reputation as, say, marble, but that’s because its elegance, beauty, and hardiness are subtle in nature. Outdoor limestone tiles are a perfect example of this. They’re stunning, weather-resistant, and fit every design you could imagine. Limestone tiles outside offer a grounded and earthy feel that doesn’t use flashiness to capture attention, instead creating a peaceful and sophisticated aesthetic. Read on to see how you can use limestone tiles outside, and why they’re such a good material to choose!

Limestone as an Outdoor Material Choice

Limestone’s popularity as an outdoor material is a long-standing one, and its use has not been limited to modern-day designs. It’s a natural stone material used for centuries due to its applicability and durability. Here are the three main reasons limestone continues to be used so frequently today. 

Withstands the Elements

Limestone is wonderful at persevering against the elements, hence its use in such old buildings that still stand today. Especially as a flooring option, limestone is capable of handling heavy foot traffic, hence its popularity in walkways. Many forms of weather are no problem for limestone, and it’s a material that can withstand different climates. However, some limestone colors or finishes might be more likely to handle particular elements better than others. When choosing a type of limestone, it’s certainly wise to have a conversation with one of Impression’s experienced stone artisans to pick a limestone that best suits your needs. 

Many Sizes and Patterns

No two properties are the same, but that’s no problem for limestone! It’s a material with the malleability and flexibility to work with any outdoor design. While durable, limestone is a softer stone, thus easier to shape, cut, and transform. It can be modified while being remodeled to create stone floor patterns, even incorporating unique geometric shapes if desired. Limestone also comes in a huge variety of colors, and matches any home no matter its style or aesthetic. 

Changes and Ages

Limestone ages differently when used outdoors, which is only to be expected; it’s exposed to a very different environment than that of the interior of your home. That’s not to say that this change is bad though! Limestone’s unique aging process is what gives us the appearance of Egyptian pyramids, ancient coliseums, and centuries-old cathedrals. Keep these changes in mind when you choose your limestone tiles, namely with respect to color, because it may evolve as the years pass by.

Uses for Limestone Outside

Limestone tiles are the most popular use for limestone outdoors, but limestone is also useful in creating many other types of natural stone home features. Limestone can also be turned into outdoor fireplaces, door surrounds, fountains, columns, countertops, stairs, and walls. This versatility means you can tie various limestone features together for a cohesive look.

Add Limestone Tiles to Your Home

Our team of artisans is well-known for our multitude of limestone options, quarried from Europe and transported here to ensure the best quality natural stone available. With limestone tiles from Impression, you’ll have exactly the materials necessary to achieve the dream outdoor space you’re envisioning. Contact us today to get started on adding limestone to your home, whether as tiles or as another custom home feature!

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