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Custom Home Feature Ideas From a Limestone Company

Customizing Your Home With Help From A Limestone Company

Every home is customized in some way or another. Even if you live in a row of homes that are exactly like one another, yours is different because it has your style and your stuff in it. However, there are plenty of ways to customize a home even further to make it really stand out. If you are looking for ideas and projects that will take your house to another level of uniqueness, you can get plenty of options from a limestone company. Here are a few to consider:

Use a Natural Material

There are plenty of natural stone material options on the market, like limestone, marble, and even reclaimed terracotta. These stones all have their pros and cons and you would want to weigh them with care. But one thing they all have in common is that they are all completely unique. If you use the exact same color of marble as someone else, you still have a completely unique piece of marble in your home because no two pieces are identical. The stones are like fingerprints, there aren’t two that are the same. Just using the natural material in some aspect of your home will help you make it unique and customized. What you have to decide is in what way you will use it. Consider some of these options.


Columns are high-end additions that can create an impressive look for any home. You can place them around the front entrance of the house, inside around a doorway, or by the stairs to create an elegant look on the interior. Either way, columns aren’t something just any home has.

Kitchen Hoods

Many kitchens have hoods, but in reality, most of them are boring. If you have a customized kitchen hood created for you out of limestone material, it can really change the central focus of the space in a positive way. You can get a European design with ornate details and carvings created for you. Plus, the material is highly durable and will last forever, even under the stress of the kitchen elements. 


There’s nothing quite like the trickle of water to make your home feel more relaxed. Whether you like the idea of a fountain in the garden, or even in the entryway, when you have a fountain created out of marble just for you, it will certainly add a unique look to your home. 


If you can see your staircase from the entryway of your home, you want it to make an impression on guests when they walk in. Using marble or limestone materials on the stairs makes them functional, durable, and beautiful beyond words.

More Limestone Company Ideas

There are plenty of other ways to make your home stand out by using limestone and marble or even reclaimed terracotta materials in unique ways. Consider a fireplace, sinks, countertops, floors, or walls as other possibilities. Talk to the professionals at Impression to get your design started in whatever way you see fit, so your home will stand out as beautiful, elegant, and unique sooner rather than later.

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