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The Advantages of Limestone

Falling in Love With Limestone

We at Impression love limestone. It’s why we use it so often in our custom home feature projects! Durable, charming, warm, and natural, it seems to encompass everything you could want from a stone. Why do we love it so much? Here’s a few reasons:


One reason limestone is so well-loved is because of its endless uses. This sedimentary rock is incredibly versatile, both inside and outside of the realm of custom home features. Limestone is used in farming, consumer good production, dyes, road construction, and even as a preservative in foods. Beyond that, though, limestone is used in cement, being the basic ingredient for concrete, mortar, stucco, and grout. Impression uses limestone both as a building block material in homes as well as exterior facades. Its strength makes it a good base, and its beauty makes it a stand-out home feature.


Part of limestone’s popularity is because of its abundance. Much like slate, limestone is found wherever ancient oceans once stood. Limestone is composed primarily of fossils, layering silt and marine organic matter over time. This makes limestone less expensive than its natural stone flooring counterparts, and many choose it over granite or marble.

Easy to Modify

Compared to other stones, limestone is relatively easy to cut and carve. The main compound in limestone is calcium carbonate, which originates from marine life fossils.  It is soft enough to be malleable, due in part to its porous composition, but strong enough to withstand exposure for years.

Easy Maintenance

Many homeowners opt for limestone due to the ease of caring for it. Like most natural stone, it’s inherently resistant to bacteria and mold. Because of this, limestone is often placed in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor patios. It doesn’t need to be cleaned all too often, and only requires a simple resealing process from time to time to prevent damage.


The durability of limestone is incredible. When used on home exteriors or as flooring, limestone does not wear down, regardless of heavy traffic. In fact, limestone happens to be an integral ingredient for even stronger, man-made stone products, like the aforementioned concrete, mortar, stucco, and grout. 

Weather Resistant

Standalone limestone has been used for years in large buildings, most notably because it resists weather fluctuations so well. When properly sealed, limestone gives up much of its soft and easily weathered qualities, becoming incredibly durable.


Limestone’s allure is timeless. It was used 5,000 years ago in the Great Pyramids of Giza, and it’s currently used daily to construct stunning homes. Limestone is simultaneously classic and modern, and adapts to any aesthetics it’s placed in. This is due in part to the variation of colors that limestone can come in. Choosing home features with limestone allows homeowners to choose between grey, brown, off-white, yellow, red, and even blue or black. 

Time to Make an Impression

Impression believes that limestone is such a classic stone choice amongst homeowners for obvious reasons. It adds a level of cultural richness and beauty unmatched by many other natural stones. No matter what you’re looking to improve, Impression does it all: fireplaces, flooring, door surrounds, fountains, columns, sinks, kitchen hoods, countertops, stairs, walls, roofing, tiles, and more. If you’re ready to make an impression, contact Impression today.

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