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A Limestone Fireplace for Every Style

Which Limestone Fireplace Suits Your Style?

If you like the look of limestone, placing it in just the right location within your home can enhance the home’s value, elegance, aesthetic, and more. Many people put limestone on their floors or countertops, but it can be even more striking as a fireplace. While the stone is natural, there are many things you can do with it around the fireplace. In fact, there are fireplace options with limestone materials for every home and personal style. Here are a few to consider:

The Smooth Finish

Limestone is unique, so no matter what you do with it, the fireplace is going to stand out. If you have a modern style in your home and you prefer something with a streamlined look, using a slab of limestone to get a fireplace surround that looks like it is all one piece is a great idea. There are no interruptions in the piece and the lines are clean and smooth. Since limestone comes in a variety of natural colors, you can get something that fits into your home or something that contrasts with the other colors in the room to give you that modern appeal.

The Stacked Stone Look

Instead of using one big chunk of limestone, you can use stacked stone ledgers of one color or in a variety of colors. The blocks interlock and give you a natural appeal while bringing the limestone look into the space. Since every piece of limestone is different, using the same color will still give you a variety in your appearance. If you want something with more of a mottled look, you can use several different types of stone.

The Old-World Glamour

If you want something that looks more like a piece of art or a hand-sculpted item, a limestone fireplace can do that as well. The fireplace can easily become a central focus in the room. You can get whatever color goes with the décor and then have it sculpted and carved into anything you want. That might mean a design in the corners, pedestals all the way down, or even a figure or two in certain locations. This ornate appeal gives the room an old-world look and feel and the fireplace, while new, will look like something that has been around for much longer. 

The Elegant Tiles

Limestone can come in large chunks, small bricks, or even tiles of many different sizes. Tiles are often used as flooring, but you can also place them around the fireplace to give the space an elegant appeal. Tiles are easy to install and bring the look of limestone into the space in an elegant manner.

Utilizing the Limestone Fireplace

Limestone is a great material to place around the fireplace since it is natural, elegant, and resists heat. It’s not hard to care for the material and it will last for decades with little to no maintenance. If you aren’t sure what kind of fireplace you’ll appreciate the most, have the professionals at Impression give you advice based on your home’s style. With their expertise, you are sure to end up with a fireplace that fits into the space with ease while standing out as something elegant beyond anything you had before.

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