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Intriguing Marble Accents for the Home

Finding Places for Marble Items

Your home is where you spend more time than anywhere else, and you want comfort and relaxation within the space. You also want your house to be beautiful so you can enjoy the things around you and be proud of inviting guests over as well. While there are many options for marble floors and countertops, you might want to use marble in a more muted manner as an accent piece in your home. It has the opportunity to stand out more as something unique and truly spectacular. Here are a few ways to utilize marble as an accent.

Marble Kitchen Hoods

While the countertops and cabinets take up the most space in the kitchen, that doesn’t mean they have to stand out the most. If you place a marble kitchen hood in the space in just the right color with lovely carvings and design, it can bring the eye directly to it every time anyone enters in the room. If you don’t have the desire to redo your countertops or flooring, putting in a marble kitchen hood can be the accent piece you need to add some elegance to the space.

A Marble Wall

Marble stands out anywhere you place it, but rather than covering the floors of the living room, consider a marble accent wall. Get white marble with gray veining for a modern home or a colored marble to bring a certain tone into the room. You can do the whole wall or even just part of it to allow a design element to feel its way into the space. 

Marble Columns

There’s nothing more ornate and old-world than a marble column, either on the porch or in the house. But you can also get columns that are streamlined and modern. The columns stand out as elegant no matter where you place them, and they can bring the marble material into your home in a smaller way that doesn’t take up as much space as an entire floor filled with marble would.

Marble Backsplash

While the countertops may not be due for replacement, you could always add a marble backsplash to your kitchen to bring the beauty of the material into the room with a new sense of elegance. Utilize one marble slab or tile to bring in a few different colors into the background of the room that will make it stand out in a new, fresh way.

Marble Accents Are Endless

You can do a lot of other marble accents in your home including something even more elegant like a fountain or something practical and beautiful like a fireplace. If you want marble as an accent in your space, contact the professionals at Impression for more ideas and designs. You can customize your accent piece to fit your personal style and the décor you already have in your home so the outcome on the other side of the project is just what you want. Marble always adds value and elegance, whether it’s a full countertop or a minor accent item.

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