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About Our Limestone and Marble Fireplaces

We proudly design and build custom limestone and marble fireplaces. Each type of stone has numerous benefits including durability and visually striking aesthetics. Our limestone and marble is imported from France and Italy. By using our traditional French hand carving techniques and the most sophisticated stone-cutting machine in the country, we turn natural stone into beautiful, culturally rich fireplaces.

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Find out how custom marble fireplaces can transform your room and create exquisite aesthetics.

Benefits of Limestone and Marble Fireplaces

Limestone and marble are perfect natural stone materials for fireplaces as they are heat and fire resistant. They are also very durable and long-lasting materials, so that you and your family can enjoy your beautiful fireplace for years to come. Another significant benefits of limestone and marble fireplaces are that they incredibly beautiful. The texture, colors, and hand carvings set your fireplace apart from others and give it a remarkable, unique appearance.

More About Our Limestone Company

At Impression, our number one priority is creating a custom home feature that you will adore. We will work closely with you to capture your vision for what you want your fireplace to look like. Our artisans can hand carve any design you want including your family crescent, your favorite pattern, animal, or otherwise.

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