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What Can Door Surrounds Do for Your Home?

Considering Door Surrounds for Your Home

Limestone is a natural rock that has been used in buildings for centuries all over the world. Today, it is utilized in many surprising ways. For example, it is sometimes placed in livestock feed to give animals important nutrients. Homeowners also use the material in various parts of the home, like flooring and countertops. You can also use limestone as a dramatic element, like a door surround. Whenever you are thinking of improving your home one way or another, you want to know what that improvement will do for you. Adding a door surround to your home can be very beneficial as it can set it apart from other homes, give it a custom look, raise its value, and require low maintenance. 

Set It Apart

Whether you put the door surround on the entryway, the kitchen, or somewhere else, your home will automatically be set apart from others similar to it. Not every house has a door surround, though they have been popular since Old World Europe. You can bring a unique look and feel to your home and give it more architectural appeal either inside or out—or even both.

A Custom Look

Door surrounds are not a dime a dozen. You don’t choose a door surround and install it. You get to customize it. You can get something smooth with clean lines and a streamlined look or you can get something with an ornate design and appeal. What you get is completely up to you and that custom look can say a lot about your style and your home’s overall design.

A Raise in Value

Any time you change your home for the better, you raise the value of the house. Aesthetic appeal can go a long way in raising a home’s value and that’s just what a door surround will give to your home. If you put a door surround on the outside of the home, around the entry door, for example, you will have a higher curb appeal, which will raise the value of the home and make it easier to sell. Door surrounds are also stunning inside and make an instant connection with potential buyers. 

A Low Maintenance Addition

When you add things to your home, you don’t want to add chores to your list. With limestone materials in a door surround, you are adding nothing at all. Limestone doesn’t take a lot of work. It is easy to clean, but when it is inside, you don’t have to do it very often. The durability is high and the material resists bacteria and mold, so it won’t hold onto dust or other particles. Whether the limestone is inside or out, weather elements won’t have an impact on it, either. 

Continue Down the Path to Door Surround Additions

If you’re fairly certain you want limestone door surrounds, take a few steps in that direction by looking into the options. The professionals at Impression are here to help you with ideas and customizations whenever you are ready to look into the details further. Your door surround will be created and hand-crafted by craftsmen who work with the material on a regular basis and know just what to do to make the project everything you want it to be.

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