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The World-Renowned Beauty of Marble

How Marble Is Used Around The World

When you see a rock lying in the street, you don’t think much of it. After all, it’s just a rock and it’s not really worth anything. But when you think about marble, it’s become more than “just a rock.” All over the world, marble is used for its beauty and you can see it in sculptures and architecture. It has unique, natural properties that make it popular and its elegance is unmatched. Here are a few examples of how marble is being used around the world.

The Supreme Court Building

This building was constructed between 1932 and 1935 and made with several different types of marble. You’ll see that Vermont marble was used on the public façade and the inner courtyards have bright, white marble from Georgia. Most of the interior spaces have creamy, white marble from Alabama and the courtroom is lined with Spanish ivory marble. The combinations of different types of marble show that pretty much every type and color of marble has beauty and elegance.

The Taj Mahal

One of the world’s most famous and beautiful buildings was built between 1632 and 1653 out of ivory white marble. Marble is used in the domes and towers and well as extensively throughout the building. It’s stood tall and strong for decades without fail.

The Washington Monument

This monument was built out of marble between 1848 and 1884. The first part of the structure is made from marble that came from a quarry near Texas, Maryland. But the project stalled for 30 years because of funding, but when it resumed, the marble from Texas was no longer available. Instead, they used stone from a Sheffield quarry in Massachusetts. But that quarry had trouble delivering the stone as needed so they were fired. A new contract went to a quarry near Baltimore, which gave a slightly darker marble. You can see the contrast in the marble on the monument today.

Bust of Artemis

Marble allows light to enter is and gives it a soft glow, which makes it a beautiful sculpture tool. It also has a high polish to it, which creates beautiful stones for art. The soft stone is easy to sculpt and its fine grains go in all directions. The bust of the Greek goddess Artemis is one of the most famous sculptures produced from marble.

Marble Cemetery Markers

If you have ever visited a federal cemetery where all of the headstones look the same to mark soldier’s graves, those markers are generally made from marble. The attractive stone is easy to cut and engrave, looks lovely, and lasts for years without eroding from weather conditions.

Find The Place For Marble In Your Home

With all of the highly honored places around the world made from marble, isn’t amazing to think that you could have a connection to the natural stone in your home as well? Choose a location and a marble color and you can incorporate the beauty and elegance of marble in your very own home. Many homeowners choose to go with floors, countertops, or fireplace surrounds, but there are many unique ways to use the lovely stone as well.