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Sealing A Marble Countertop

Make The Most Of Marble Countertops

Marble is a soft stone with a calcium base. It is often cut up into tiles and slabs and used around the home for a variety of reasons. While it is certainly sturdy and long-lasting, it is also porous. Liquids and other impurities that your marble may come into contact with will seep in. Because of this, countertops made from marble need to be properly sealed on a regular basis in order to avoid stains. There is a multi-step process that is generally easy to carry out.

Step 1: Clean Your Counters

First, spray the counter down with a special marble cleaner and buff it dry with a soft, dry cloth. Leaving impurities on the surface can interfere with the sealing process.

Step 2: Prepare The Sealer

Next, pour the marble sealer into a container large enough for the paintbrush you are using. Make sure you have a window open and a fan on. Marble sealers can sometimes smell and overwhelm you in a small room, like a bathroom.

Step 3: Paint the Counter

You will use a foam paintbrush and dip it into the sealer, painting the countertop with strokes that slightly overlap. You will want to get into all the areas of the marble, including over the edge, around the sink, and over the backsplash. Once the sealer is applied, let it sit for 10 minutes without touching it.

Step 4: Buff Away

Wipe away the extra sealer with a clean, dry cloth using a circular motion. Rub the marble until it is dry and not tacky to your fingers. Any extra sealer you leave behind could damage the stone so you will want to buff it until it’s all gone.

Step 5: Knowing When To Reseal Your Marble

You’ll need to know when your seal is wearing off so you can reseal at the right time. The marble counter should bead water up off the surface like you just waxed a car. If the water stops beading, you need to reseal it before things get through and damage the stone beneath the seal.

Get Help With Sealing Your Marble

If you need help sealing your counters, or have questions about marble in general, the professionals at Impression are happy to help you. We’ve been dealing with marble in a variety of locations throughout homes in the area for decades. We take our craftsmanship very seriously and we want customers to have nothing but the best when it comes to marble countertops, floors, or anything in between. Marble can last for a long time, but proper care is very important. We’ll help you ensure the sealant on your countertops is in good shape so you won’t get any stains on the beautiful stone. Give us a call today and let’s talk about marble maintenance in your home!