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9 Elegant Ways To Utilize Marble At Home

Where You Can Fit Marble Into Your Home

Marble is a decorative home that has graced homes and offices for many years. When you use marble to accent elegance and beauty, it can have a big impact. If you want to utilize marble in your house, here are 9 ways you could place it in your home.

1. Marble Sink And Countertops

Marble is naturally water-resistant so it is a preferred material for bathrooms. Sinks and countertops can be smooth to the touch when they are made out of marble and it adds a glimmer of shine to the space.

2. Marble Bathtub

Who doesn’t want to feel elegance when they are taking a long bath? Fill the marble tub with warm water and get a sense of beauty and elegance in the room. You’ll feel like a queen in any home.

3. Marble Fireplace

Marble makes for a bold accessory when you use it for a fireplace. Add a classic touch to any room and make the fireplace the center of attention.

4. Marble Fountain

Marble is a stone that works well outside and inside. This decorative feature can look good and accentuate any garden. Fountains can even be customized to your tastes.

5. Marble Railing

For handrails, marble is a perfect choice! The material is easy to clean and a great choice for a handrail. It’ll make you feel like you are living in ancient times.

6. Marble Toilet

People all around the world have marble toilets, believe it or not. It might sound strange, but having a piece of marble anywhere in the bathroom gives it a classy feel.

7. Marble Shower Walls

Place marble around your shower and the feeling is hard to describe. You can relax and get rid of your stress by stepping on the smooth surface of marble every time.

8. Marble Flooring

This is the most common use for marble in a house. Marble floors are shiny, smooth, and easy to clean. You can decorate the room around the floors to have a classic or modern look or even both at once.

9. Marble Stairs

Like marble flooring, marble stairs give a different feel to the whole house. Create a grand entrance to make a statement about your home without having to go too far.

Get The Marble You Need From The Experts

No matter where you decide to place marble, you will be bringing a taste of elegance into the home. Whether you want to go big and cover the whole floor or start small with just one sink or fountain, marble is a material that won’t disappoint. Aside from its beauty, you raise the value of your home and bring something that is easy to maintain and will last for years. It’s best to work with professionals when considering marble accents for any home. The experts at Impression work with marble every day and will know just what to recommend for your home. With the right marble in the right locations, your home will look better than you ever imagined.