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Ways To Use Reclaimed Terracotta In The Kitchen

Incorporating Reclaimed Terracotta Into A Kitchen Renovation

If you are redoing your kitchen, you get to choose all of the materials that go into the new room you are creating. That can be very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming because there are so many options from which to choose. Reclaimed terracotta is a great material that can fit into a lot of different places in the kitchen. Here are just a few ways you might want to consider using it in your new room. Keep in mind that you can use it in more than one place as well.

The Kitchen Floor

Reclaimed terracotta has a vibrant coloring to it that can really make the floor pop. It’s easy to match with its earthy rock tones and makes a great statement on the floor. You can utilize the material in a room that you want to make contemporary or you can use it to enforce a rustic, more farmhouse style. This type of flooring brings together the old and the new in a beautiful way that can really make a room stand out.

The Kitchen Backsplash

One great way to distinguish your new kitchen from the old is to showcase a beautiful backsplash. When you use reclaimed terracotta in that area, you are able to bring out the warmth of the room in an organic manner. You can also bring out colors that you wouldn’t otherwise have in the kitchen and use them as an accent without overdoing it. If your kitchen is going to be all white, for example, the backsplash adds some color that you can enjoy. That one accent area can make the space look unique and stylish in a new way.

The Kitchen Ceiling

To get a really unexpected look, use reclaimed terracotta on the ceiling of your kitchen. This versatile material looks great no matter where you place it, even if that’s the ceiling. The effect is pure and gives you a wealth of warmth that starts at the top and moves down into the rest of the space. That may be the only reclaimed terracotta you need in the room since you don’t want to overdo it. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing in this case!

Find Your Best Spot For Reclaimed Terracotta

You can find a place for reclaimed terracotta in almost any kitchen. The key is finding just the right spot. If you know you want the material incorporated in some way but you aren’t sure where or how yet, contact the professionals at Impression for help. We’ll take a look at the plans you have for your new kitchen and give you our expert opinion on the best ways to incorporate reclaimed terracotta. We want you to be happy with the material and we’ll install it after you make a final decision. Let’s work together to ensure that your new kitchen is the best it can be, complete with the portion that will be reclaimed terracotta.