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Terrocotta Tiles

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Are you interested in reclaimed terracotta tiles for flooring or roofing? We import our reclaimed terracotta from Burgundy and Provence, France. If you’re interested in using terracotta for your flooring or roofing, we also provide inlaid tiles, reclaimed roof tiles, and new clay roof tiles. These tiles come in a wide variety of color and shapes. If you wish to give your home a culturally rich, European look, these tiles are the perfect option.

Why Choose Reclaimed Terracotta?

Reclaimed terracotta tiles are beautiful pieces of tile that are salvaged from French farmhouses, chateaux, and other structures. They provide a charming characteristic for your home. With their variety in color from reds, to browns, to tans, to creams, these tiles are all unique, making your home stand out.

Our Step-By-Step Process

Interested in our reclaimed terracotta services? Take a look at our simple, effective process below.

  1. Contact us before starting your project
  2. We will discuss your dream project and come up with a design
  3. Visit our showroom to select the stone color
  4. We’ll give you an estimate and start your project*

*Please note that we only create custom home features. We do not install them.

More About Our Limestone Company

At Impression, our goal is to give you a premier custom home feature that you will love. With our experience and artisan skills, we craft pieces that make a lasting impression. We consider our architecture a work of art, and only want to give you the best.

Don’t wait to get started on your dream project. Contact our artisans today!

Take a look at the reclaimed terracotta tiles we offer for your next project below.

  • Terrocotta Tiles
  • Terrocotta Tiles
  • Terrocotta Tiles
  • Terrocotta Tiles
  • Terrocotta Tiles
  • Terrocotta Tiles
  • Terrocotta Tiles
  • Terrocotta Tiles
  • Terrocotta Tiles
  • Terrocotta Tiles