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6 Things To Consider About Marble Fountains

Get To Know Marble Fountains

Outdoor fountains can turn an otherwise ordinary garden or outdoor living space into something elegant, inviting, and relaxing. Choosing the right marble fountain combines your personality, style, and practical preferences. As you look into different options for marble fountains, keep these notions in mind to find the perfect fit.

Do You Have A Source Of Power?

Outdoor marble fountains have to have a power source and there are a variety of options. Two of the most common are hardwiring and solar power. You will want to decide which is best for your needs before buying the fountain. Hardwiring is simple enough if you have an electrical grid nearby. Otherwise, it is sometimes easier to go with solar power.

Do You Have A Source Of Water?

If you want your fountain to have a continuous supply so they won’t go dry, they may need to be connected to the home’s water supply. Smaller fountains can often be filled with a water hose and won’t have to circulate continuously. They just use a pump to recirculate what they have regularly. You will have to check these marble fountains to make sure they always have enough water when the pump is on.

What Finish Do You Like?

There are quite a few different finishes you can get on marble fountains. Stone is natural and blends into the surroundings, but you can get a shiny finish or something more matte. Take the surroundings into consideration when you are looking at marble fountains. There are plenty of options to consider and you will want something that fits in nicely.

What Lighting Options Do You Have?

If you are placing a marble fountain in your yard, you want to be able to enjoy it at all times. You might want to spend time in the garden at night or look out over your backyard and see it. You may already have lights in the area that you can use to accentuate the fountain as well as the other things around it or you might want to add some, perhaps even in color, to make the fountain stand out.

Do You Have A Good Location?

Marble fountains need the ideal location to be seen and enjoyed. They can act as a centerpiece to any outdoor living area and when you include lights, they can even help you enjoy the space at night. Make sure you choose a location that is fitting and won’t interfere with plant life.

Do You Know How To Care For Marble Fountains?

Luckily, marble is a very durable material and once your fountain is installed, you can rest easy that it will last for a long time. There are certain things you will want to do to prevent freezing and to care for the material, but it isn’t hard. Your installation team can give you proper instructions.

Get Ready For Your Marble Fountain

If you’re ready to install a marble fountain outside your home, contact the professionals at Impression for help designing the marble fountain of your dreams. With a unique fountain, your outdoor living space becomes a relaxing oasis.