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Is Reclaimed Terracotta For You?

Getting What You Need From Reclaimed Terracotta

Reclaimed terracotta is a beautiful material that is put together from clay and other natural materials. It is basically baked earth and the texture and color can vary. Overall, it has an earthy tone that is very warm and a rich color palette. The tiles come in different shapes and sizes and are often unique in color. But is reclaimed terracotta right for your home? Here are some instances to help you make the decision.

You Appreciate History

If you like to have a sense of history in your home, even when you are upgrading and updating things, reclaimed terracotta is a good answer. Reclaimed terracotta gives your home a sense of history and culture. The tiles are prominent in Europe and give a charming look and style to any home. They are also very practical so you don’t have to worry about the style taking away it’s purpose.

You Want Something That Lasts

No one wants to install anything new only to have to replace it in a year or two. Reclaimed terracotta is something that lasts a long time, even if you use it for flooring. The durable natural material is something that homeowners often appreciate on the floors because it was made to last. The tiles were crafted with a great deal of care and they can even withstand heavy traffic, which is just what you need for the flooring. If you’re worried about the feel under your bare feet, the tiles are comfortable and softer than other harder options.

You Love Adding Charm To Your Home

You know that reclaimed terracotta is beautiful, but it also adds a unique charm to any house. The tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and they have distinct patterns that give them a special charm. Their warm tones bring character to the house and the natural appeal is warm and welcoming.

You Want To Help The Environment

You feel like anything you can do to aid the environment today is something you should do. Unlike some flooring, reclaimed terracotta is friendly to the environment since its processing is minimally invasive. The materials are recycled and the outcome is beautiful and cultured.

You Simply Love The Style

When you look over the various options of natural stone, there’s nothing quite like the look of reclaimed terracotta. There are plenty of different stones and they all have their advantages. But if you can’t get over the beauty and charm of reclaimed terracotta, you know it’s the right option for you.

Get Reclaimed Terracotta At Its Finest

If you’re ready to get deeper into the details, contact Impression for help. We have the reclaimed terracotta options to get you the look and feel you want for your home, whatever that might be. If you aren’t sure if it’s for you or not, let’s go over some of your goals and see if reclaimed terracotta is a good match for your house.