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Utilizing Reclaimed Terracotta In The Kitchen

Putting Reclaimed Terracotta In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and as such, it needs to be warm, inviting, and functional all at once. Your kitchen might need a few new updates and it doesn’t hurt to beautify a space you are constantly utilizing. If you want to add a few unique, colorful touches to your kitchen, reclaimed terracotta materials are the perfect fit. Here are just a few places you can use this earthy hue in your kitchen.

Revamp Up The Flooring

Kitchen floors take a lot of wear-and-tear over their years of hard use and it might be time to update your flooring to something new. Reclaimed terracotta can change the space and give it a contemporary and more rustic feel. With a little contrast between other colors in the kitchen, the terracotta tiles can stand out and bring a new historic feel to the space while giving you functional, durable flooring that will last for a long time.

Add A Backsplash

Not every kitchen has a backsplash, but it’s a popular way to add color to a kitchen as well as personality and style. You can bring warmth into your room with organic materials, such as reclaimed terracotta.  You’ll get hues you maybe wouldn’t have placed in your kitchen otherwise, but that look great as an accent. You can put terracotta backsplash tiles in an all-white kitchen to bring natural color to the space.

The Kitchen Island

The island in a kitchen was meant to stand out, but most people blend the island in with the rest of the countertops and cabinetry. While that is always an option, placing terracotta tiles on the island as a pop of color to make it unique from the rest of the room can certainly bring a new element of style.

An Accent Wall

It is popular for rooms today to have one wall that is different than the other three within the room. You could use terracotta tiles to get that unique look in your kitchen. Place the reclaimed terracotta tiles on one wall and paint the others a natural color to go with it or perhaps white to contrast the natural look of the tiles.

The Patio Outside

If your kitchen flows right into the patio where you keep your grill, you could use the natural stones as the patio flooring or for a walkway nearby. These tiles fit in nicely outside since they are bright in color, and yet natural in substance.

Getting The Right Reclaimed Terracotta Look

These tiles don’t fit into every kitchen or home, but they do bring something special to a homes that decide to incorporate them. If you want something unique and special in your kitchen, consider using reclaimed terracotta for a look that is both beautiful and long-lasting. Before you make any firm decisions, contact the professionals at Impression to talk about reclaimed terracotta and where it might work best within the space your kitchen has to offer.