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Reclaimed Terracotta In Your Home

Where Should You Place Reclaimed Terracotta?

If you are looking for unique ways to improve your home while making a statement, you might put reclaimed terracotta on your list of possible materials. This material is a great choice for a number of areas in the home and the tiles give you a timeless, classic appeal that is very European and even unworldly. Because of its durability and beauty, many designers use it often as one of their top choices. If you’ve never had it in your home before, you might wonder where to place it.

Details On Reclaimed Terracotta

These tiles, seen in older buildings like farmhouses, chateaux, and other areas, are durable. They were made centuries ago, but they are still in good condition today, which just tells you how long-lasting they are. The tiles are taken and reconstructed to fit your house, however you decide to use them. They were made from sand and clay, so their colors vary from brown and yellow, all the way through red. They give your home a warm, earthy, unique, natural appeal. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be utilized inside and outside of a home.

Reclaimed Terracotta Paths

If you want a pathway in your garden or leading away from the patio to another part of your yard, this material is a great option. It looks natural and fits in outside with ease. It’s also highly durable and comes in various shapes and colors so you can find something that fits in with your style. The paths will look unique and one of a kind and bring a sense of history while making your house look sophisticated.

Reclaimed Terracotta Flooring

These tiles also make a perfect material for flooring since they are durable and can withstand heavy traffic. You can put it in the hallway, kitchen, family room, or anywhere else. It gives your home a charming look and feel, but also resists water, mold, and bacteria. The variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes gives you design options and the recycled material is environmentally friendly.

Reclaimed Terracotta Roofing

You might not think about terracotta on the roof, but you will have a European look to your home that automatically raises the home’s value and curb appeal. The way your house looks outside is very important and you can give your home durability and charm at the same time. The fact that the tiles are recycled means they are good for the environment and they can give your home a stunning impact.

Putting Reclaimed Terracotta In Its Place

There are many other places you can put reclaimed terracotta and it will fit right in and stand out all at once. If you want the material, but you aren’t sure yet where to place it, or you know where you want it and you’re ready to look at colors and styles, contact the professionals at Impression for help. The craftsmanship and expert advice you get will put the project into motion with ease.