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Things To Be Aware Of Before Getting A Marble Fountain

Creating An Outdoor Oasis With A Marble Fountain

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of trickling water. Having an outdoor marble fountain can provide just that as well as unique beauty in your garden. If you want something truly outstanding and an item that showcases your style, a marble fountain is a great addition to the backyard. Before you get a marble fountain and set it somewhere, there are a few things you will want to think about.

Ground Integrity

Marble fountains can be rather heavy and you won’t want to place a fountain just anywhere. Depending on how large and heavy the fountain might be, putting it directly on the ground could cause it to sink or tilt. You may have to lay an area of concrete for the fountain to sit at level, so it’s out of harm’s way and won’t damage your yard.

Power Source

Most outdoor fountains have to have a power source of some kind so they can circulate the water through. They can be hardwired to a power source, which will take a licensed electrician and a nearby power source, or they could be solar powered. Inspect where you plan to locate your fountain. If there will be enough sunlight, solar powering is a great option to avoid hardwiring the fountain into your system.

Water Source

Most marble fountains aren’t hooked up to water as they re-circulate the water they have within them. However, you will want to refresh the water on a regular basis and you will also want to ensure that the water is filled high enough at all times. You’ll want the fountain close enough to a water source or somewhere you can reach it with a hose so you don’t have to go back and forth with a bucket of water.

Lighting Options

You want to be able to see and enjoy your marble fountain, even after the sun has gone down. You could place some landscape lights around it so you can see it well and show it off after dark. You might consider colored lights or even lights that change color to highlight it even more. Depending on the marble coloring you choose, a certain color of light could highlight the marble texture the best.

Fountain Maintenance

Anything that stays outside on a regular basis instead of being under the protection of your home is going to take more maintenance. Your marble fountain could get scummy from the water and you will want to turn it off, scrub it out, and put in new water on occasion. There are also winter care requirements, such as keeping the fountain lines drained of water when it’s going to freeze so they don’t burst. Clear the snow and ice from the fountain on occasion as well so the weight doesn’t add too much pressure to it.

Marble Fountain Design

One of the most fun parts of getting a marble fountain is the design stage. Once you take care of practical manners, you can dream up a unique, one-of-a-kind design with the craftsman at Impression so your garden gets just the style you want.