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Troubleshooting Issues With Your Limestone Fountain

When Limestone Fountains Go Awry

If you have a limestone fountain in your garden, you might love the look and feel of the stone along with the trickling sound of water. The best you can do to continue that aspect of the garden is to maintain the fountain as the years go by. If maintenance goes by the wayside, certain issues can arise. Here are some questions and answers to help you troubleshoot issues you may be having with your limestone fountain.

What Is The White Stuff Forming On The Fountain?

If you have hard water and that is what is running through your fountain, these white elements are lime deposits. It forms along areas where water sits and can be very hard to move. You can clean it off with vinegar water, but to prevent hard water stains and these lime formations for occurring, regular cleaning and maintenance is best.

Why Does The Fountain Smell?

Water can grow algae when left alone for too long. While limestone fountains are low maintenance, you do need to clean them out and change the water on occasion to prevent algae growth and the smell that might occur from that growth. Empty and clean the water fountain every 2-4 months, or even more often to be proactive about smells and algae growth.

Why Is The Fountain Making Spitting Sounds?

You know what your fountain sounds like and spitting is not the way you would normally describe it. If you hear a change in the way the pump operates, your fountain may not have enough water in it. Water in fountains can spill out or evaporate over time and you will need to add water every now and then. There should be water covering the fountain’s pump at all times so the pump can operate properly and not damage itself.

What Should I Do With The Limestone Fountain In The Winter?

If your climate gets pretty cold, you will want to remove the pump and the water from the fountain during the winter months and drain it properly. Limestone is a durable material and it can withstand any temperature, but if water freezes and thaws within it, it could crack. If you want to protect your fountain from the elements, cover it or move it to a garage or another milder location.

Why Is The Wall Fountain Leaking?

Wall fountains generally leak when they are overfilled. They have a tray inside that holds water in a basin. If water comes outside of the tray from overfilling (like after a rain shower), it might leak out the bottom and make the fountain look like it is leaking. Take water out and dry the outer area to solve the issue.

Getting Answers To Limestone Fountain Issues

If you have any of the above problems, you may already have a solution to your issue. If you have something else going on with your limestone fountain and you don’t know what to do about it, contact the professionals at Impression for help.