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Limestone Is For More Than Just Countertops

Where Does Limestone Show Up Today?

Limestone is one of the most used materials in countertops today. It is popular because of its cream complexion and gives homes a natural look and an elegant feel. While limestone makes a great floor, countertop, and many other things within the home, it is actually used for a lot of other things in a lot of other industries. Here are some of the surprising places you’ll see limestone pop up that you may not have known about before.

Crushed Materials For Construction

Limestone countertops that come out of a house can be crushed and utilized in other ways. In fact, they make good construction material later in their lifespan. Most crushed limestone is used as a base for roads or even railroads. It’s a permanent material that can also be found in driveways on homes. The material is durable and long-lasting and it’s also weatherproof since it holds up well against heat and cold. Keep in mind that the pyramids in Egypt are made from limestone and it was a popular building material for centuries. There are churches, castles, and many other things built from it. It only makes sense that even today, people use the material mainly for buildings than they do for countertops.

Cement Ingredient

Another form of construction is the use of cement. When limestone is mixed with crushed rock, sand, and water, it helps to produce a great-quality cement. The water, when mixed with all of these things together, creates the cement as the ingredients harden. Limestone makes a very strong cement that can withstand just about anything.

Animals Eat It

This surprising fact is one not everyone believes when they first hear about it, but it’s true. Limestone is a great mineral that goes into chicken feed and other animal foods. It helps the chickens to produce eggshells! Limestone carries a lot of calcium within it and cattle get it as feed filler in their diets at times for the additional calcium as well. Limestone is mainly made up of skeletal fragments of marine organisms, like coral. It is even sometimes added to paper, tiles, toothpaste, and other materials as a filler and for its pigment.

Safety For Miners

Limestone is a material that is often added to fine coal in particle form to prevent explosions. It’s light color also helps add reflectors underground, which helps miners see in the darker conditions in the mines.

Do You Have Limestone In Your House?

Do you have limestone floors, countertops, fireplaces or walls? Even if you don’t, you may very well have limestone in or around your home. It could be in the cement in your driveway or in some of the other construction materials that were made to build your home. If you don’t know where your limestone is located, but you’d like to be able to see and enjoy it, contact Impression about adding some kind of unique limestone element to your home. You can get a kitchen hood, columns, a fountain, or anything else you can imagine.