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Myths About Placing Limestone In The Home

What Do You Know About Using Limestone?

If you enjoy the look of limestone and you have thought about using the natural stone in your home, you might still hesitate because of certain things you have heard about the material. There are plenty of myths out there and before you believe everything you hear, read on to dispel some of the things you might have read in the past. Knowing the truth will help you make an informed decision.

Myth 1: You Shouldn’t Use Limestone For Kitchen Countertops

Limestone is actually quite common on countertops and has been used in that fashion for decades. While granite is a harder stone and is also a viable option, limestone can take hard use as well. You will have to keep it sealed and wiped down, but it’s certainly a solution for a countertop that needs an update. One reason to choose limestone over granite or even marble is your preference for the overall look.

Myth 2: Limestone Is Too Soft For Bathrooms

There are certain limestones that are more porous and soft than others and that can be hard to adequately seal in the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean all limestone needs to stay out of the bathroom. There are some limestones that are so dense that they are mistaken for marble. Plus, the limestone remains soft to the touch so it’s a gentler feel against cold feet coming out of the shower.

Myth 3: All Limestone Is The Same

If you are speaking geologically, all limestone is a sedimentary rock. However, the hardness of that rock and coloring of the material varies greatly. Limestone can range from the lightest white and cream colors to the darkest black. It can be rather soft or extremely dense. The variables make it easy to find a good use for the material for any project. Understand the characteristics of the stone and choose the one that will work the best for your particular needs.

Myth 4: Limestone Needs More Care Than Marble

Limestone and granite, while different natural stones, take about the same amount of care. They are both durable and long-lasting and they both require a seal upon them to keep them in good condition. The seal isn’t something that has to be done every month, but rather once a year or so, depending on how much wear the stones take. Limestone should be chosen over marble if it is your personal preference. Maintenance doesn’t have to be an issue since they are comparable.

Learn Other Limestone Myths

If you are still interested in limestone, but have concerns about other things you’ve heard, simply contact the professionals at Impression with your questions. Limestone is a beautiful, elegant, natural material that can bring a new sense of style into any home. Once you decide it’s the material for you, you can figure out how to customize it, which color to go with, and where to place it. Wherever limestone ends up, it will make the room more elegant and valuable overall.