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How to Style Your Fireplace Mantel

Designing and Decorating the Perfect Fireplace Mantel

Fireplaces are multifaceted home pieces. They serve as a gathering spot, a focal point, and a place to cozy up by the fire. With such importance in the home, it’s essential to give your fireplace and fireplace mantel the decor they need to stand out. The goal is to create a homey environment that feels welcoming and beautiful – and Impression knows how to help. Whether you already have a fireplace and you’re looking for inspiration or you’re seeking to add a fireplace and mantel to your home, you’ll find these tips on decorating your fireplace mantel more than helpful.

Keep Things Personal

When it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel, it’s essential to put your personality in the spotlight. As we’ve mentioned before, your fireplace is the heart of the home – and it should demonstrate your personality and style appropriately! If you’ve traveled the world, keep your globally-inspired knick knacks on display. If you collect specialty items, give them a home on the mantel. Even adding simple pictures of family and friends adds a “lived in” feel, giving your house personalized character.

Take It Vertical

Especially if your mantel stretches all the way up to the ceiling, it can be a stunning option to take your decor upwards too. Try mixing items, art, ceramics, and plants that vary in height. Vases, plants, and other objects that tend to be longer vertically help fill in any blank space above your fireplace. It’ll give your fireplace depth and drama, while allowing you to showcase all that makes your home special.

Draw the Eye

Your fireplace is already a focal point, so you might as well make it a great one! Turning your fireplace mantel into a focal point helps define the room better, and gives guests an evident place for gathering. To really elevate your focal point, try adding a conversation piece, mirror, or large piece of artwork that takes up around 75% of the mantel area space.

Add Layers

Layering decor and accessories is an easy way to add depth to your mantel at eye level. Along the mantel, add larger artwork and flat pieces to the back. As you move forward, choose medium and small pieces, and stack items if their character and shape lends itself to the idea.

Less Is More

Sometimes simplicity rules, and with the right fireplace mantel, less can be more when it comes to decor. When your fireplace setup speaks for itself, there’s no need to overwhelm it with unnecessary accessories. For mantels with intricate designs or carvings, opt for minimalistic items, wall decals, or even nothing at all!

Impression’s Fireplaces and Fireplace Mantels

Impression puts your home first, and our team is ready to make sure your fireplace stands out with a stunning custom design. We proudly design and build limestone and marble fireplaces that turn your home into a masterpiece. Using traditional French hand carving techniques and top-of-the-line cutting machines, any slab of natural stone is capable of becoming part of your dream home. Learn more about the benefits and beauty of custom limestone fireplaces and custom marble fireplaces, and contact us today to start transforming your space!

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