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Designing Around Stone’s Natural Shading

The Shading of Natural Stone

Part of the beauty of the natural stone is its inherent shading, a characteristic that is often deemed desirable due to the unique appearance it possesses. No two pieces of stone are identical, even when sourced from the same slab. While these naturally occurring differences are what make stone so desirable, any homeowner should be mindful of this shading when choosing new stone for their indoor design. Read on to see how stone can vary and affect your remodeling project.

Where Variance in Stone Shades Occurs

The variations in color, texture, and shading are all a product of nature. They can be the effect of underground water sources, mineral deposits, tectonic plate shifting, changes in temperature, and changes in pressure.

Color of Stone

Natural stone is known for its variation in color, and Impression’s limestone and marble both go beyond the more typical beige and white. Stone can come with pink, grey, brown, yellow, black, blue, gold, and even green undertones. These subtleties should be kept in mind, with respect to how those colors will appear in both high light and low light.

Size of Stone Slab or Pieces

The size of a slab or stone can alter the shading in either direction, making it more prominent or less noticeable depending on the cut. Smaller tiles tend to feature less shading across their singular piece, but may result in greater shading once these stones with different shades are compiled across a wall or floor. Larger stones have shading that varies across the slab, but can look more cohesive once installed due to gradual changes in color.

Allow Project Location to Guide Your Stone Decisions

Where your stone will be living within your home can change its shading. In order to best represent the integrity of the stone, your choice should be based around where the stone will be placed! 

Lighting of a Room

How a room is lit can drastically affect the shading of stone and how it is perceived by the eye. As light wanes, the contrast in stones becomes more visible. For darker rooms, try to opt for lighter shades of stone. Around windows, concentrate darker stones, as they’ll naturally lighten as the sun hits them over time.

Location Within a Room

Where your stone is being placed also affects how its shading and coloration are perceived. Consider how you’ll be viewing the stone. The same stone can look drastically different as a backsplash, tiled floor, or wall accent. 

Stone Designs and Patterns

Whether subway tiled or chevron, a pattern can make certain shades of stone more noticeable. You should ponder whether you want a more dramatic look or something more subtle, and our specialists will take that preference into consideration as we hand-select the ideal stones for your custom piece.

Impression’s Expertise With Stone Shading

With years of study and expertise, the artisans of Impression are ready to produce a one-of-a-kind design for your home’s tone. For each stone we select, we take extra time and effort to ensure the right texture, color, and grain for its project. Impression takes great pride in adding personal attention to choice of stone, and it is with our attentiveness to detail that we’re able to build stunning masterpieces that will last your family for generations. We’re capable of crafting any project, small to large, and our quality assurance program means that any stone used is the highest quality available. Contact us today to get started with building custom home stone features, and turn your house into a dream home.

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