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Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Aesthetic Theme

Selecting a Style For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Have you ever dreamed of having an outdoor kitchen? With spring already here and summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to begin planning your outdoor patio space! Adding an outdoor kitchen is not only a huge home value boost, but also gives you a space to lounge, eat, entertain, and enjoy the weather. The best time to start designing your outdoor space is now, so you have plenty of time to choose a style and layout. Picking a style can be tough, and many homeowners have to ask themselves what their goal aesthetic is. We at Impression have listed a few of the most popular outdoor kitchen styles below, to inspire your own design!


Traditional outdoor kitchens offer a whimsical outdoorsy-ness that other styles can’t quite match. These outdoor kitchens are usually hallmarked by roughened bricks and masonry bases. While outdoor kitchens aren’t often used year-round, traditionally styled ones often fare best in environments that experience all four seasons due to their timeless appearance.


Stylish and practical, modern exterior kitchens bring simplicity to the great outdoors. In order to truly encapsulate this look, keep colors neutral and materials natural. Metals, stones, woods, and even wicker and rattan (used minimally and tastefully) will keep your outdoor space looking cohesive and clean.


Stuck between traditional and modern? We know just the theme. Contemporary mixes the sleek lines and shiny appliances of modern outdoor kitchens with more natural materials, like wood and stone. Contemporary kitchens aren’t afraid to embrace a pop of color, especially oranges, teals, and yellows. Alongside polished stainless steel appliances, this contemporary look is so refined you may forget the kitchen is even outside.

Tropical and Bohemian

Even for homes that don’t have a bohemian vibe inside, an eclectic and tropical outdoor kitchen can make every day feel like a vacation. Opt for thin stone flooring, bold stone countertops with color, and a mix of metals and woods elsewhere in the kitchen. To really up the ante, consider using fire-based light sources over artificial lights where possible. Tikis and candles are calming and bring warmth (literally and metaphorically) to the space. Finish it off with brightly colored decor and fauna, and you’ll have a tropical paradise right in your backyard.

Rustic and Farmhouse

Grouping the conceptual ideas of rustic and farmhouse only felt right when it came to outdoor kitchens. These two are near-identical in their kitchen aesthetics, and prioritize a natural and cozy vibe. While the farmhouse style tends to be sharper and cleaner, an outdoor kitchen dampens that aesthetic by being outdoors, tying it back to rustic. With this style, you can embrace uneven stones, worn and weathered furniture, and vintage styles. Feeling especially farmhouse? Consider adding a piece that showcases shiplap, like a dining island or patio wall.

European Countryside

When you’re feeling European inspired, natural stone is the only way to go. Our collection of reclaimed terracotta tiles are perfect for making patio roofing, kitchen tiles, one-of-a-kind stone flooring, and more. Decorate with elegant decor and floral accents, and add lanterns for nighttime lighting.

Make It Your Own With Impression

Impression takes pride in crafting custom home features, and we provide all the stone pieces you could ever need for an outdoor kitchen. Our team of artisans practice traditional French carving techniques, for authentic and beautiful elements that you and your family will love for generations to come. With every vision, we take you through our options of fireplaces, flooring, door surrounds, fountains, columns, sinks, kitchen hoods, countertops, stairs, walls, roofing, and tiles, giving you all of the design options necessary to make your dream home a reality. Contact Impression today to begin your home renovation project, and get ready to make an impression with Impression.

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