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Reasons For Marble’s Popularity

Marble’s Popularity Continues To Rise

When you are considering new countertops, everyone you talk to may be pushing you in one direction—marble. Why is that? Why is it so popular today? Many people automatically dismiss marble because of the price instead of researching the advantages that marble really have in the home. Exploring marble’s attributes can help you make an informed decision as to whether or not it’s right for you.

It Has Durable Resilience

Above all else, marble is extremely durable and resilient. It won’t chip or dent easily so you don’t have to worry about it when you drop or run into it. You need to think about quality when you are choosing kitchen counters. Some people think marble is fragile, but that’s not the case at all. Marble countertops will hold up for decades, maybe even longer.

Marble Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Marble is more expensive than other options, but it will considerably increase the value of a home. It doesn’t go down in value so if you sell your home later, it will be worth a lot more. Buyers are willing to pay more for durability and quality and marble exemplifies both of these characteristics.


One of the most enticing qualities of marble countertops is its beauty. There are a wide array of hues and colors from which to choose and marble countertops will fit any décor. If you have a unique taste or a simple, modern home, you can find marble to match. From dazzling white to plenty of dark options, anyone can find a classic, elegant look for their home. The smooth stone is a great combination for any kitchen.

Easy Maintenance

Marble is really easy to clean and maintain as well. You can simply use a mild soap and some water on it with a soft cloth to wipe it down and you will keep the marble countertops smooth, shiny, and clean. There’s no need to scrub sticky spills. Just wipe them up as they happen and the job is done.

Considering Marble Closely

Long-term value is important in your home and with marble, you get durability and timeless beauty that can help you sell your home for more later on. You also get plenty of functionality and aesthetics in the meantime to enjoy yourself. Making an informed decision is important when it comes to your countertops. All you have to do for more information is contact Impression. We’re your marble experts who are passionate about marble and have placed many customized marble pieces into homes over the years. We work on countertops, flooring, columns, walls, fountains, and everything in between. If you want to know more about marble, we’re the right professionals to answer your questions and continue to show you the benefits of marble countertops and the reasons for their popularity.