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Limestone Ideas From A Limestone Company

Brainstorming With The Limestone Company Specialists

When a company specializes in one specific thing, you know they’re passionate about that area of the industry. When you contact a limestone company like Impression, you know you are getting experts in the limestone field. We not only love the material, but we are good at working with it! We know how to make limestone into almost anything you want. What are some of the things we have done? Let’s discuss a few items and see if anything meets your needs.


Limestone is a beautiful, natural material that can also stand up very well against high heat. It makes an absolutely gorgeous fireplace, especially if we customize it with a certain carving for your needs. We can also go minimal and give you fireplace tiles that bring a modern look into the space.


As a limestone company, our most popular requests are limestone flooring. Limestone floors are not only beautiful, but they hold up so well against daily use. We like to customize the floors when customers have special requests.

Door Surrounds

Limestone creates a distinguished door opening that gives your space lasting beauty unlike anything else. If you want to bring elegance and warmth into a room, limestone can do just that and more.


There’s nothing more relaxing than the trickling sound of a fountain in your garden. A fountain can become an intricate centerpiece of just what you need to finish off the impressive space.


Whether you want to highlight your entryway or create an impressive architectural element inside your home, columns made from limestone can help increase the high-end appearance of any room, inside or out.

Kitchen Hoods

The kitchen may be the heart of any home, but they’re more about functionality than decor. But when you install a limestone kitchen hood, you’re giving the room the style you’ve always wanted without impeding on functionality.


You can have a grand entrance with a stunning staircase made from limestone. The custom stone staircase makes your home look elegant from every angle.


We also get a lot of requests for limestone countertops, which give you both quality and elegance at the same time. The beauty of the countertops doesn’t infringe upon the function of the space.


Limestone walls give your home a historically rich look and feel. You can place them around a garden outside or anywhere you want inside to give an elegant appeal to any space.

Brainstorm More With The Limestone Company

These are just a few of the things we have done with limestone in the past. The list is certainly not complete and we’re always willing to add to it if you have any different ideas as well! Contact Impression today, your limestone company, for any projects with limestone. We’re willing to customize, look into new ideas, and help you with your limestone needs from start to finish.