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Unique Uses For Marble

Unique Uses For Marble

Unique Uses For Classic Marble Materials

Marble is a classic material that has been around for centuries. It hasn’t lost its tastefulness over the years and looks great in a variety of colors. The natural stone gives a beautiful sparkle and shine wherever it is placed within a home. If you love the look of marble, you don’t necessarily have to use it in the same manner as everyone else. After all, marble isn’t low cost and you can get a little bit to go a long way in your home. Here are a few unique ways to incorporate a little marble in order to pack a big punch.

Kitchen Islands

If you don’t want to go all out with the expense of all marble countertops, consider just putting a kitchen island marble countertop on. This will help you save money on the project and give you a beautiful centerpiece in the room. A marble countertop on the island will make it stand out as something different and unique in the room.

Waterfalls On Countertops

Instead of putting on a marble countertop, consider a marble “waterfall” down the side of the cabinets that show. You can get marble in a color that compliments the countertop you already have so it blends in. It will make the rest of the countertop look more like marble and it will stand out as a beautiful accent piece in the room.

Kitchen Hood

It isn’t very often that you walk into a kitchen and your eye is immediately drawn to the hood above the stove. That kitchen item is there merely for functionality, right? Only if it’s not made out of marble! Install a marble kitchen hood and you have something that stands out with true elegance and beauty. It’s hard not to look at a carved hood above the stove, even when you are supposed to be cooking.

Coffee Table

Can’t afford to do the entire floor in marble? Throw an intriguing rug over the floor and then place an elegant, marble topped coffee table into the room. You can get tables that have a simple marble top or you can get something fully carved for ornate elegant effect.

Fireplace Insert

If you don’t have enough to get a complete marble fireplace, consider marble tiles to go directly around the fireplace to give it style and beauty. You can then put a wooden or another type of mantel on top of the tiles to complete the look. The fireplace will look more classic and warm with marble around it.

Other Ideas

If you have other ideas on how you can use marble in small or large ways, the limestone experts at Impression are excited to hear about them. We work on jobs big and small and when it comes to marble, they always involve beauty. We’re here to help you choose the right colors for your home so you are happy with the overall result of the project. Give us a call and let’s talk about putting marble into your home.