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Tricks For Installing Limestone Tiles

How To Install Limestone Tile

Limestone is a soft stone that can be cut into tiles and installed just about anywhere you want within your home. Limestone tiles are similar to other stone times, but they are porous and can be stained during installation since they have not yet been sealed properly. You will want to take extra care to protect the tiles from absorbing color from mortar and grout while you put them into place. Tiling is not something just anyone will want to do, but for hearty DIY lovers, it’s an option to consider.

Measure Your Space

You will do a lot of measuring before you put in your limestone tile. You want to find the centerline of the room and put a chalk line on the floor to mark it. If you are doing the floor, locate the wall farthest from the entry door and mark the center line from there all the way across the floor to the other side. If you are doing a wall, mark the centerline vertically from top to bottom.

Laying Out The Limestone

You will then want to lay the limestone tiles out on the area you want to install them and mix the tiles up as you lay them down to get a blend of the stone colors. If stones have certain markings you like, lay them where they will be seen. If they have something you don’t like on them, put them on the edge where they won’t be in sight.

Start Tiling

Start the first row of tile either against the wall near the door where you enter or on the opposite side. Set the first tile on the chalk line and even out the sides from there. You can cut tiles where they will least likely be seen. Use spacers to keep them lined up.

Setting Your Limestone Tiles

You will want to have mortar down where you are going to place a tile so you can set the tiles into the mortar. But be gentle and cautious so that the edges are lying down and none are higher than the others. The mortar will have to dry for 24 hours and then you will seal the flooring before you do the grout work.

Need Help Installing Limestone?

Installing limestone tile takes time and precision. As a homeowner, you can certainly do it on your own. But if you want to save time and ensure the outcome of the project, it is often easier to enlist professional help. The professionals at Impression, for example, work with limestone on a daily basis. We know the material and we know how to navigate around its strengths and weaknesses so you get the flooring, shower surround, or anything else you really want. The end project is what matters and if you’re sure you can get the result you want, go for it! Otherwise, Impression is here to help with your limestone tiling project from start to finish to ensure the quality of the tiling process.