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Where To Place Limestone Flooring

Limestone Flooring Options In Your Home

There are many different flooring options within a home and not every flooring style is the exact right fit for every room. The flooring that is ideal for your bathroom may not be what you want in your bedroom. Kitchen flooring is often different than what you have in the living room and so on. If you are partial to limestone flooring, you want to place it in your home—but where? Here are a few good locations for limestone flooring.

Limestone Fits Into The Kitchen

Limestone is durable and long-lasting, but it is also soft to the touch. It doesn’t feel cold and hard, so it makes working around the kitchen much more comfortable. It can stain if acidic liquids sit on it, so you have to handle it with care, but it is highly durable with most things that happen in the kitchen. Plus, the elegant nature of the natural stones gives the kitchen flooring an upscale appearance. And the coloring options also fit in with any style you want for the space.

Limestone Makes A Great Entryway

The entryway is the first impression most people get of the interior of your home. You won’t want flooring that wears easily and you need something that can hold up to foot traffic and the elements. Limestone flooring is a beautiful, welcoming material that doesn’t wear down fast and looks nice no matter what you put it through. It can give anyone a great first impression of your home and it’s a nice segue from the outside to the inside of your home.

Bathrooms Look Great With Limestone Features

The bathroom is a much-used space in any home and the flooring makes a big difference. You want something that can hold up against moisture and water, while looking nice. Limestone is a great option because it’s a softer stone that doesn’t feel so cold and hard under bare feet, yet it also withstands water just fine. The natural colors allow you to draw in any color scheme you want while giving the bathroom a warm and welcoming appeal that is downright elegant.

Patios Do Well With Limestone Flooring

Limestone is one of those durable materials that looks great inside, but it can also be used for the flooring of your patio outside. Consider the fact that many famous buildings across the world are made from limestone. They’ve stood for centuries and still look great. So of course placing limestone flooring outside is not a problem at all. The natural stone brings the patio alive and gives you a consistent look inside and out.

Getting Limestone Flooring Help

If you’re ready to place limestone flooring in any of these locations, or other places within your home, contact the experts at Impression for help. You can get the advice you need on just what type of limestone will work best for your needs along with an expert installation to meet your goals and exceed your expectations for the project.

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