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Updating The Home With A Marble Fireplace

Add The Right Marble Fireplace

There are plenty of options for home updates, depending on the age of your home. If you want to do something that will make a big difference, raise the value of your home, and stand out at the same time, but you also don’t want to tear out the whole kitchen or one of the bathrooms, consider updating your fireplace. Taking out the old fireplace and putting a marble fireplace there instead can make a huge difference in the look and feel of that particular room. With minimal mess and interruption to your life, it’s a lot easier than other projects. If you want to look into the options, start by deciding what type of update you want with your marble fireplace.

Traditional Options

Most marble fireplaces are made from a slab of marble. They’re streamlined and coherent as well as beautiful. You can choose whatever color you’d like and keep in mind that the marble can be carved and honed in any way you’d like. Some homeowners like to keep things simple with clean lines while others like ornate carvings. Both are great options under the traditional marble fireplace umbrella.

Modern Options

If you have a modern-looking home, instead of getting a one-piece marble slab for your fireplace, consider marble mosaics. The polished mosaics are each unique and catch the light on an individual level. They can give your fireplace a sparkling look even when there is no fire lit. Even if all of the pieces of marble come from the same slab, they’ll all be different and give your fireplace a completely unique look.

Rustic Options

For homes with rustic appeal, tumbled marble might be a good fit. Tumbled marble is created when marble tiles are placed into a drum with rucks and mixed around until the edges and faces are worn. Their natural pores and veins stand out more while the color fades, giving them a softer look. You can get tumbled tiles to surround your fireplace and fit in with rustic tiles in the rest of the room.

Understated Options

While subway tiles are all the rage right now, that basic size and shape can work wonders on your fireplace when you use marble. The tones can be honed or polished, depending on your tastes. They will look like classic bricks, which fits in nicely around a fireplace, but with the added elegance only marble can bring to the table.

Getting The Right Marble Fireplace

If you’re ready to update your home with a marble fireplace, finding the right option for your home’s style is important to the outcome of the project. Call the experts at Impression and tell them the style you want to work within, and they can make suggestions as to which options might be right for you. Marble anywhere in your house can make the home feel fresh and updated and it adds value to the property as well. But marble fireplaces are particularly stunning and stand out as special in any room.

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